direct mail delivery

Your ultimate goal when planning a direct mail marketing campaign is to get information in the hands of your buyers at the exact time they need to see it. If you’re planning to invite local customers to your grand opening, they’ll never show up if the invitation arrives two days late. If you want to hold a special sale on one day only, your buyers can’t plan if they receive the information after the sale ends.

This seems like a no-brainer to anyone who has ever sent a direct mail piece before, but the logistics could be more difficult than you realize. Unless, of course, you work with a printing and direct mail company that has been in business for several years…like AMi.

Here’s the Problem

The USPS can take up to three weeks to deliver mail across the country. When you’re planning to send bulk mail to a large selection of recipients, hitting their mailbox on your determined day can be difficult. You may have already experienced this frustration. How can you pinpoint a specific date for someone in Wisconsin to receive your mail when you’re looking at a three-week window of time?

We’re the Solution

We are experts at getting mail in mailboxes within three days of your delivery date window with 99.99% accuracy. Now, doesn’t that help you plan better?

Our proprietary software helps us determine the time it takes for your mail to get to any of the Sectional Center Facilities (SCF). We reverse engineer the process to determine when the product needs to be produced and then verified by the USPS. Our team of freight experts then monitor the shipments from the time they leave the AMi facility to the moment they arrive in homes. This allows us to intervene the moment problems arise, so we can deal with even the smallest issues during transit and correct them to maintain the delivery date.

Sometimes problems arise that even we can’t control, such as severe weather. We can still make contingency plans to ensure on-time delivery whenever possible. From printing to delivery, we can turn your direct marketing mail piece around in seven to ten days.

If that all sounds amazing, give us a call to learn how we can make this exact formula work for you. A little bit of expertise goes a long way when it comes to direct mail deliveries, and we have a lot of expertise to share.