Changes in Direct Mail in our Digital Age

The buying process, whether it’s for a big purchase like a new car or a small purchase like a piece of furniture, is full of steps.

Consumers do research and evaluate prices, makes and models, and other customer reviews. They choose companies based on reputation, experience and brand presentation. For over a century, company presentation and responsiveness to customers has influenced how the buying process plays out.

With the influx of digital technology and communication, the buying process (and how companies reach their customers) has changed. Many brands who previously relied on traditional and direct mail marketing have had to adjust their reach and re-think their strategies.

But has direct mail’s impact and effectiveness really changed all that much? What changes have the digital age brought to direct mail marketers’ processes?

Let’s explore.

79% of People Still Find Opening Physical Mail More Convenient Than Going Online

The process of connecting with a company and deciding to purchase can have a lot of hurdles.

And most companies and brands are sensitive to this. They know that your time is valuable, and that you don’t want to jump through hoops to find what you need.

Convenience is a huge factor in whether or not a customer finds your company. If you don’t place your brand and offer in front of them, you can’t expect engagement or sales.

Recent stats from USPS have shown that opening direct mail is seen as more convenient than going online.  

If you consider the multiple processes involved with accessing the internet and wading through the millions of companies vying for your attention, direct mail can seem, in comparison, more streamlined and to-the-point.

Direct Mail Can Influence Consumers to Make Digital Purchases

As technology has grown, direct mail has adapted to the newfound digital landscape.

Combining the convenience and familiarity of direct mail with the experience of buying online has been a homerun for lots of companies, many of whom had discounted the power of combining their marketing efforts.

From including personalized URLs in your mailers to including QR codes for consumers to take advantage of short-term sales, direct mail can get your company’s offer in front of the right audience and translate that attention to a sale.

ROI on Direct Mail Marketing is Strong, Even in 2016

One thing that often surprises marketers and companies about direct mail is that is has one of the best ROIs of any marketing mediums.

ROI on direct mail was 15%-17% in 2015, making it more effective than mobile marketing and equally as effective as social media. Those stats on pace to stay consistent in 2016.

This shows that direct mail marketers have found new and innovative ways to stimulate and engage their audience. It also shows that despite the wash of technology and digital fanfare, direct mail has remained visible and attractive to consumers.

If you’ve come to depend on purely digital methods for marketing to or communicating with your audience, these stats and facts might seem hard to grasp.

But the numbers don’t lie. The digital age has not rattled the effectiveness that direct mail provides for companies and brands.

If you’re ready to integrate direct mail into your marketing efforts, AMi, Inc is here to assist you. We’ll help you get on track to reap the benefits that direct mail provides.