Direct Mail Top Companies

When you think of how the top companies in the world do marketing and advertising, you probably think of their digital efforts.

You remember their email campaigns and their online ads; you see sponsored content on social media and are followed from website to website with promos and deals.

With the current demand for a robust digital presence, it’s no surprise that many big companies have created elaborate online efforts to target and appeal to their audiences.

What you might not consider, however, is that there is another side to the marketing coin, one that isn’t digital. One that drives a lot of these companies’ successes.

Direct mail marketing continues to have a great impact for companies both big and small.

To shed light on this often unsung hero of marketing, let’s explore some notable direct marketing efforts from top companies around the world.

Ulta Beauty

This American beauty chain nearly tripled their sales from 2009 to 2015. They also have plans to reach 1,000 stores in the United States by 2017, which would nearly double the brand’s number of physical locations in just 4 years.

They offer over 20,000 products, representing nearly 500 brands, and their stores often reach 10,000 square feet.

What is owed all this blinding success in such a short amount of time?

In short, a robust marketing plan that includes outstanding digital and direct mail elements.

Ulta has continued to create eye-popping, beautiful catalogs that showcase their best products in gorgeous high-definition photography and design.

Their signature pink-and-orange color scheme is used brilliantly in their print ads, with each page offering a unique URL or offer code that pushes catalog recipients to their website.

Ulta also offers one of the best rewards programs in the industry.

Their timely direct mailers include each member’s current rewards points and status level in print on the catalog’s back cover, further personalizing the mailer and offering another incentive to make a purchase.

Great Clips

This billion-dollar company stumbled onto a gold mine of a business-model in the early 1980s: a no-frills, no-appointment-needed hair salon that was affordable, quick and easy.

They kept their costs and their prices low by building simple, streamlined salon spaces and quick services that reduced customers’ wait times drastically.

With over 3,000 locations and growing, Great Clips remains the go-to salon for the unfussy.

Another genius of their business model? Simple, yet effective direct mailers offering limited-time offers or coupons.

Great Clips’ direct mail efforts work so well because a haircut isn’t something you can get online. Because their customers have to drive to a physical location to receive an actual service, physical coupons are a logical, easy win for the corporation.

The customer arrives at the salon with the direct mail coupon in hand, making it effortless for franchise teams to track the success of their direct mail offers.

Because Great Clips has established such a lean and efficient business model, they can pass their savings on to their customers, in the form of iconic, color-blocked direct mail postcards.


This multi-national, ready-to-assemble furniture conglomerate is the world’s largest furniture retailer and one of the most successful businesses of all time.

Now in its 7th decade, Ikea continues to dominate the furniture market, due in large part to its streamlined, eco-friendly designs and affordable prices.

The brand is also famous for its warehouse-level stores. Locations in South Korea, Sweden and China average 600,000 square feet of space per store.

Another aspect of Ikea’s brand presence that has contributed to its sustained growth through the years is its devotion to a beautifully designed catalog.

Many estimates place Ikea’s catalog sales at over $6 billion dollars per year, comprising nearly 20 percent of their annual haul. Their big-hitting direct mail piece is a 300-page book featuring breathtaking photographs of their flagship products.

They also include content in their direct mail book that is scannable by smartphone, allowing their physical marketing to integrate seamlessly into exclusive online content.  

Create Direct Mail That Speaks To Your Audience

These three companies are excelling at providing a tangible marketing experience in a world where everything seems to have gone digital.

Creating a direct mail campaign that appeals to your audience is one of the smartest marketing moves you can make.

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