How can you Improve Email Deliverability?

It is not enough to create an email campaign. It doesn’t matter if you write or send emails. And, it doesn’t matter what you do if your emails aren’t delivered. Email delivery can be key to a campaign’s success. It defines client communication effectiveness and, hopefully, leads to prospect conversion. Email delivery is the ability to get your email into clients’ or potential clients’ inboxes. Deliverability means that you can be sure that your messages aren’t lost in the trash or spam. So, it ensures that they don’t get blocked or bounced back at you and that your audience opens and reads them. One can only ensure deliverability if several elements work together. We have compiled the top 3 tips to improve and protect your email deliverability.

#1 – List Segmentation

Segmenting your email list by key attributes will increase your chances of getting your emails opened, clicked on, and delivered to your customers’ inboxes. It is not a good idea to send bulk emails to all your subscribers. Segmentation allows you to tailor emails to different segments of your audience. This helps to give them the relevant info and content that they need to them engage. You can use some criteria that you could use to subdivide your list.

  • Demographics
  • Geography
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Type of business
  • Industry
  • Activity on your site in the past
  • Engagement level
  • The Stages of the Marketing funnel

#2–List Hygiene

Hygiene is also known as cleaning, scrubbing, or purging your list. It involves the steps needed to reduce your database to the most relevant, active, and engaged users to minimize deliverability issues. If you don’t regularly clean your list, you may experience high volumes of hard bounces, which can negatively impact your brand’s reputation.

It’s nice to have a large database, but half of your emails won’t reach your audience. You can get more info on the hygiene list if you reach out to us. We offer the best direct marketing services in Nashville.

Instead, you should be proactive and go through your email lists regularly to delete halted contacts. It enables interested users to unsubscribe, delete duplicates, and update contact information. So, you can degrade email lists by as much as 22.5% every year. Here are some signs that a healthy list is:

  • All/nearly all of your client emails can be verified
  • If almost all delivered emails reaches the prospects’ inbox.
  • Engaged and active audience
  • Your email marketing efforts have a tangible ROI.

#3–Revisit Subject Lines

Your subject line is the first thing that readers will see. It could be what makes the difference between opening and deleting your email. Some words may encourage recipients to open your email. 47% of recipients open emails based on the subject. However, certain words can trigger a spam filter to send your message to spammers. 69% of recipients consider email spam based on its subject line. So, make sure you carefully choose your words.

The subject line of an email is the first thing recipients will see. It should be persuasive enough to get them to open and read your messages. Your email subject line is a part of your brand. It communicates who you are and what the recipient should know about you. If possible, use a direct and authentic subject line. Make sure to communicate urgency and take action.

The Conclusion

Email deliverability and campaign success are dependent on many factors. You can contact the best creative design company in Nashville – AMi Printing if you need help. So, feel free to browse all our services. When you need something printed, we can be the best ally.