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Messy, cluttered, confusing…these are words to describe how NOT to reach out to customers for their business. The design of a direct mail piece should be anything BUT these three words, because if the design is loud and disorganized, then it will not attract the attention it was set out to find.


The design of a direct mail piece should begin with a simple goal. The beginning is the easiest part of planning a mailing. You ask yourself, and of your business: “What am I setting out to do? What am I trying to accomplish with this mail piece?” Once these questions are answered, then you have an objective goal.


The goal of a direct mail piece can be many things. One could be to attain new customers from a different target market, or perhaps to promote a new product or service to a well-established customer base. The limits are only what you set them as; it could go in any direction based on the initial goal of the piece. See? Easy.


  • Establish what you want to accomplish
  • Who do you want your message to reach?
  • Does the design match what you’re trying to accomplish?
    • If not, redesign it; make sure each mail piece has one single, attainable goal.


Example: What services do you offer? What do you do best that is different from competition in the area? What can you offer your customers that stand out? Are you promoting something new? If so, how do you want to go about telling your customers? Once you have your design down, then next you can determine who exactly you are mailing to and when you will mail to them.  Those segments coming up next. Stay tuned.