follow buyers' journey

Building a marketing campaign is never as easy as it sounds. There is so much more to attracting buyers than sending a flier and crossing your fingers. Engaging and influencing buyers requires nurturing, something that’s often difficult with direct mail. Fortunately, you have new and exciting tools at your fingertips—tools that help you follow every buyer through the journey from awareness to purchase. Here’s a road map to help you follow.


The awareness stage is the easiest to complete, because your goal is to simply let your buyers know your company and products or services exist. A postcard or letter to introduce your company to potential new buyers is the perfect way to start a conversation.

Now, tracking engagement for direct mail can be difficult, especially for large mailings such as these. In many cases, your only indication of receipt is a purchase. This is when you should begin to use the many new tools that are available to you. Include a PURL (personalized URL) or a QR code on each piece you send. The moment a recipient visits your website through one of these methods, you can begin true engagement. Even better, you get a truer idea of how many people saw your mail and followed through with a website visit.


When a potential buyer visits your website, you know they are considering their need for your products or services. Until these leads tell you what they’re looking for, you can’t be sure what information they need. By tracking the visits they make to your website, you can get a better understanding of their pain points. That will help you create educational materials that lead them toward a solution.

Educational materials can be personalized through variable data printing, meaning you can continue to send direct mail pieces to everyone on your contact list without sending the same messages over and over. For instance, if Customer A really wants to know more about the luxury cars on your lot, but Customer B is looking for a budget option, you can still print and send mailers at the same time, with the exact information each is looking for.

Providing information that is relevant to your individual buyers is key to keeping them engaged and interested in your company. In a survey, 53% of buyers said that the most influential communication they received was information that was relevant to their needs. Beyond that, 33% said the most influential communication they received addressed them by name or contained other personal information.


At this point in the buyer’s journey, you have hopefully addressed them by name and provided information that pertains to the exact products and services they’re seeking. It’s now time for them to make a decision. How can you continue providing direct mail pieces that urge them toward a purchase?

The home stretch is all about making your products and services available, whether through trial periods, samples, or discounts. A recently released survey shows that 87% of consumers make use of mail coupons and discounts. Regardless of how you break down the numbers according to demographics, the results remain nearly the same, with 90% of Generation X using those coupons, 88% of affluents, 85% of Baby Boomers, and 85% of Millennials. In other words, a discount on your products or services is the most likely final push your potential buyers need.

Remember, discounts on your services can be a tricky thing. It’s hard to lower your price without affecting buyers’ perceptions of the value of your products or services. A steep discount with the intention of drawing in loyal buyers could backfire when those buyers don’t return for the full price later. A small discount, something used as a simple incentive to lower the risk for new buyers, however, could get them in the door with wallet in hand. Another option may be to offer a discount after a set number of purchases, which you can track by a punch card or loyalty app. This helps establish a pattern of buying that won’t be disrupted by a lower price. It’s a difficult balance, but one that is proven to work.

If you’re ready to grow your business with direct mail marketing, we’re here to help. We’ll guide you through the buyers’ journey so you can engage, influence, and build true relationships with your customers. To learn more, give us a call.