USPS makes history


Current Postmaster General and CEO of United States Postal Service, Patrick R. Donahoe, has announced his impending retirement in February of 2015 after thirty-nine years of service.

Mr. Donahoe has been credited with helping the postal service to maintain a steady course during his service, even through financial difficulty for the organization.

There is no denying Mr. Donahoe has made history as the Postmaster General through some of the most trying financial times the country has faced. The worldwide adoption of digital communication introduced even more difficulties during his tenure. Still, Mr. Donahoe held firm, created a financial plan, and took aggressive measures to control costs. His changes significantly lowered the cost base of the postal service.

The USPS will continue to make history, as they welcome the first female Postmaster General and CEO in February of 2015. Megan Brennan, the current Chief of Operations for the United States Postal Service. Ms. Brennan started her career with the postal service as a letter carrier in 1986.

The chairman of the Postal Service Board of Governors, Mickey Barnett, says, “She is highly regarded throughout the postal service and among the broader community of our major customers and business partners—and rightly so.” Some of her achievements while in office include leading an initiative to provide Sunday delivery, improved tracking, and greater reliability and predictability.

Efforts from the current and incumbent Postmaster General helped raise the operating revenue for the USPS a whopping $569 million this fiscal year. As consumers continue to use digital communication whenever possible, this financial growth is quite an accomplishment.