Find Great Commercial Printer
 We all have specific needs when it comes to running a business. Training, equipment, knowledge, and even how to communicate & market to your customers.
Properly marketing your brand is paramount to the success of any business. A great mission statement and product won’t do much good if the right customers have not heard from you. In that vein, the role of a commercial printer is a very important spoke in the wheel of prosperity. Having a responsive print partner is essential to getting your message out to the world!

So…why is it so hard to find the right one?

Let’s explore why you may be having a hard time finding the right commercial printer. Not all companies are created equally, but let’s leave the unreliable ones out of this conversation. Perhaps, there have been some communication issues in your negotiations with printers in the past. Maybe this is your first approach to marketing your business. Having a basic guideline when approaching a commercial printer will prove highly effective for both you and the printer. 

But I Don’t Know All the Marketing Language!

No worries! That’s our job. 

The Basics:

You tell the printer what you want, how you want it to look,  where it is supposed to go, and how much money you have to work within your budget. At that point, you will already be so much closer to your goal!

How AMi Can Help

Here at AMi Marketing, we cater to the needs of all businesses, regardless of budget concerns. Whether your needs call for graphic design, brochures, and letters, or highly customized mailing lists, we are a proven leader in direct mail and commercial printing within the Nashville area and beyond. 
AMi Marketing will review and recommend everything from the type of paper, size of the piece, figure out the mailing for you (to get the best price), and even recommend the kind of print utilized! These are a standard commitments AMi Marketing gives to all of their clients. There are numerous ways to cut costs and still get the right message delivered.  AMi marketing may recommend Static Printing which is a method that uses only one consistent message, which will reduce costs. Another option for personalized pieces, AMi Marketing may recommend Variable Printing which lets each piece of print be fine-tuned.
AMi Marketing helps you send out your message to only those who fit the criteria for your campaign, as well. Once again, this will reduce spending.
If you know the right things to ask, and you come to the right people, finding a good commercial printer won’t be so hard next time!