spring direct mail marketing

There’s no doubt that spending slows during winter months, especially after the major splurges many make during the Christmas season. Record low temperatures in some areas of the country didn’t encourage anyone to get out of the house for shopping sessions, either. Now spring is here, with blue skies, birds chirping, and a little dance in everyone’s step. We can be sure that retail sales will take off again, so it’s important to be prepared with your direct mail campaigns.

Some things will naturally sell better in the spring than any other season. Your direct mail efforts will only serve to enhance the bottom line. Let’s take a look at where to put your marketing dollars.


As flowers start blooming, our thoughts turn to the garden. It’s time to start planting, right? Some just want a pretty lawn, while others plan to grow their own food. In fact, 58% of consumers say they plan to grow an edible garden. That sounds like a pretty big prospect pool for direct mail, doesn’t it? Home improvement retailers, nurseries, and garden centers will see a spike in sales for residential gardens, but it won’t end there.

Landscaping services for both residential and commercial buildings, lawn care, mulching services, and brush removal also see big sales during spring as home and business owners clear away the dead of winter. Do you have your direct mail campaigns ready?

Spring Cleaning

Cleaning products and housecleaning services are huge business, with over $168 billion spent every year around the world. A lot of this cleaning takes place in spring, as we open windows to air out after a stuffy winter. Direct mail encouraging consumers to contract cleaning services or buy new cleaning products could certainly gain a lot of traction during this time of year.

Spring cleaning doesn’t just include the floors and windows, either. Many homeowners will clear out old furniture and bring in new designs. Paint colors, flooring, and decorative accents are often changed in the spring, especially after buyers have been cooped up inside all winter. Outside, fresh paint may be needed to spruce things up. Gutter and window cleaning services are also in high demand when weather warms up.

Keep in mind that not all buyers are the same. Those with higher incomes will likely spend more on cleaning services and top-of-the-line brands. Younger buyers looking for better deals on products that make cleaning easier. With good research, you can reach those buyers with a personalized direct mail message.

New Clothes

When the winter sweaters are boxed up again for the year, a need for new clothes arises. Everyone wants to try something new when spring comes around, whether changing their style completely or just adding new clothes to their wardrobe. That’s why spring often brings with it $3 billion spent on clothing, whether in stores or online.

Have you focused your efforts on spring buyers? If you’re not hitting them hard with catalogs and sale notices during this time of year, when everyone is looking for something new to shake off the winter blues, then you’re missing out.

Disaster Preparedness

Not everything is flowers and butterflies in spring. The warm and cool air battling in the atmosphere bring some pretty wicked storms. Roofers, storm shelter manufacturers, and even car sales professionals should have their cards and direct mail letters ready. After storm damage due to hail, tornadoes, and high winds, homeowners and car owners will need those services.

If you need to spring into gear with your direct mail efforts before it’s too late, we’re here for you.