Direct Marketing Case Study

“Tom Otte and the AMI team are such a pleasure to work with. Not only in their excellent professional services, but also in the personal attention they gave to our project. They made us feel that our small account was as important as their large ones. They expressed an interest in what we were doing, took the time to talk with us about how to best portray the image we wanted to get across to the public, and in the end, it felt that they were not just the marketer, but part of the family.”

-Carole Rabinowitz


What We Did

We sent out 6 different mailers to people in her district using Variable Data Printing. As Oak Hill is just a part of Nashville, we had to hone the mail file very carefully to hit everyone in her district but not to go out of the district.

What Happened

The candidate won 75% of the votes in Oak Hill due to this direct mail campaign.  It was a landslide victory.  false