direct mail tip

Did you know that recently relocated consumers will spend an average of $7,100 on products and services that are directly related to their recent move? Consider for a moment the various things a transplant will need, whether they’ve moved across town or across the country. Have you been missing out on a huge segment of buyers for your business?

Who Should Focus on New Residents?

Any company who would like to grow their business should focus on their new neighbors. Some may be more successful than others, at least in the beginning. Homeowners will be looking for furniture, linens, kitchen items, and anything else they may need to make their new house a home. Landscaping providers and nurseries may also see new buyers come through, as well as security monitoring companies, insurance agents, and vets for the pets.

These particular buyers will have a set of needs they must fulfill after moving to the area, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be open to exploring their new neighborhoods. In fact, 80% of new residents will want to try out the products and services they can get from local vendors, especially within the first two years after their move. At some point, they’ll need new doctors, dentists, salons, childcare, and anything else they may have left behind.

How Should You Make Your Approach?

A simple “Welcome to the Neighborhood” is a great way to generate awareness for your company. Without any pressure to buy anything, the recipients will see the gesture as a friendly introduction. Your information will probably be tucked away or posted to the refrigerator for later use.

After your new neighbors have been in place for a month or so, send out a special offer that’s available only to them. Remember: Every other business in your area may be sending similar offers, so you really have to stand out from the crowd. You can require the mail piece be brought in to claim the discount or provide a special QR code or PURL for your website. This will tell you when your new neighbor becomes a bona fide customer.

Your next approach may be an invitation to join your loyalty program, which then ensures that your new customers will be back again and again. It’s that loyalty that will pay several times over for the work you did to acquire the customer.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you reach your new neighbors as soon as they move to the area, give us a call. With the ability to segment new homeowners one month, three months, six months, and one year after their move, we can help you build strong and lasting relationships with everyone who moves to your neighborhood.