direct mail and social media

When social media marketing rolled around, staunch direct mail marketers had no idea how this new and flashy tool could ever stand the test of time. As social media gained a foothold and then became a true worldwide phenomenon, the tables turned. Suddenly, Twitter and Facebook users everywhere couldn’t understand how direct mail marketing could possibly still get the job done.

In truth, both sides have accomplished and maintained tremendous success. Direct mail marketing still costs less per lead than any other form of marketing. Social media marketing helps brands reach larger numbers faster than ever. Can we now say that both are relevant? We definitely can. And we should go one step further to say that direct mail and social media marketing are absolutely made for each other. Why? Let’s consider the possibilities.

Include Social Media Accounts on Direct Mail

How do your customers discover your social media accounts? If they’re not actively looking for your Twitter or Facebook profiles, they may never find you. Sometimes they need a little nudge—a reminder that you’re out there with more information and fun.

That’s how direct mail has become such an important ally for social media. When your customers hold your postcards or pamphlets in their hands, they’re reminded to follow your social media accounts. Of course, you have to let them know you’re online, so include the account information where it can easily be seen.

Drive More Traffic to Landing Pages

After you create a Personal URL for your direct mail marketing pieces, you’re prepared to track the success of your campaign. There are ways to expand the reach of those campaigns. By sharing the PURL and content of the landing pages on your social media accounts, you can greatly increase the number of people who see your offers.

With a second PURL for the same landing page, you can still determine where the traffic comes from. You never have to guess whether the social media shares or the direct mail campaign brought in more traffic.

Get Buyers Involved with Interactive Mail

If you really want your direct mail marketing to make a lasting impression, explore ways to get your buyers involved. A QR code is the most-often used interactive tool, but you can try several other options, too. For instance, what if you sent out an offer to all your customers that promised a discount for “liking” a Facebook page or following a Twitter account? With one piece of mail, you ensure two or more touches.

If you’ve used direct mail marketing for years, there’s no reason to fear social media. And if you’re a digital marketing maven, you may find brand new uses for direct mail. With some creativity, the two can be perfectly meshed for a seamless and exciting marketing experience.

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