Direct Mail in a Digital World

If you look around you, the world is increasingly tech-savvy, cyber-centric, and digitally-minded.

We’ve got smartphones that can do everything but brush your teeth for you. We’ve got computers that can hold petabytes.

So why is it that in this increasingly digital world, direct mail is holding strong as an important part of companies’ marketing strategies?

Psychological and cultural forces have helped direct mail remain a powerful marketing force for brands:

Consumers Are Experiencing Digital Overload

Too much of anything can’t be good.

But when companies discovered the fast, cost-effective marketing they could achieve with emails, a monster was created. Companies started sending multiple emails a week, bombarding their customer lists with increasing amounts of information and increasingly generic propositions.

Consumers are offering pushback to the digital zeitgeist, however.

Millennials report being “highly likely” to disengage with brands who send them too many emails.

Additionally, spending too much time looking at screens is shown to have negative physical affects, like eye strain, neck and shoulder pain and headaches.

Digital overload is a real thing, and consumers everywhere are reacting against the constant barrage of ads, marketing emails and social media pitches.

Events like #Unplug week and the continued demand for physical books are just a few of the ways consumers are fighting digital overload.

The stats supporting the efficacy of direct mail bolster these ideas. People react to direct marketing because it offers physical, tangible mailers that they can hold. No pixels, pop-ups or email floods.

Companies continue to invest money in direct mail marketing, and they continue to see results.

Increased Targeting Abilities

Today, consumers want personalized marketing.

As such, companies have had to invest more time and research into segmenting and targeting, to ensure that their marketing materials reach the best possible audience at the best possible time.

More ability to target has increased the success and response rates of direct mail, proving to brands that a great direct mail campaign is well worth their time and attention.

AMi, Inc offers list acquisition services so you can find the right audience for your campaigns, every time.

More Creative Direct Mail Options

Direct mail has given way to some impressive innovation through the years.

In 2016, competition among companies has brought out some of the most creative and unique direct mailers ever.

From interactive tactile mailers to simple postcards with sleek, modern design and great copy, the options for reaching and eliciting a response from your direct mail audience are endless.

With so many options, you can get creative and A/B test your way to your best marketing ever.

Cash In On Nostalgia

Nostalgia is a strong force, and for brands, utilizing it cleverly can translate to valuable engagement and even sales.

Direct mail reaches back through the generations. Brands have been using it for decades to reach their audiences. It offers built-in opportunities to bring nostalgia into campaigns and mailers.

Utilizing nostalgia in your direct mail campaigns can work in tandem with great market research and targeting. Even if you don’t have a huge budget, the right creative angle can translate your marketing into nostalgia gold.

AMi, Inc offers a range of direct marketing services to help your company launch a successful campaign. Contact us today to learn more.