ecommerce and direct mail

As convenient as your online store is for your customers, sometimes they like to spend time daydreaming away from their keyboards and laptop screens. How can you make sure they’re still daydreaming about the products you sell? Use catalogs as part of a concentrated holiday marketing campaign!

People Love Catalogs

The popularity of direct mail marketing is on the rise again, with many proclaiming it the hottest “new” marketing tool. The undeniable truth is that people love getting postal mail again. After years of clogged email inboxes, the excitement of receiving a letter or postcard—even one with an advertising mission—has returned in force.

Regardless of age, consumers prefer hearing from brands by direct mail. Perhaps surprisingly, a large percentage of those consumers fall within the millennial category. Tangible mail is more likely to be consumed, saved, and referred to at a later date. Emails, however, get moved straight to the junk folder or trashcan without ever being opened.

Higher Customer Spend

Ecommerce shopping is expected to bring in nearly $116 billion this holiday season. That’s an almost 14% increase over last year’s online sales. Any piece of that chunk of money you could get is great, right? If you could make sure your piece is larger, wouldn’t you do it?

Internet-only shoppers spend an average of $80 per order. Did you know that ecommerce buyers who spend time with a catalog before making a purchase will spend an average of $90? If every buyer spent some time flipping through a catalog and daydreaming about your purchases before opening their wallets, how quickly would that average extra $10 per buyer add up?

Track Buyer Activity

One of the big reasons direct mail marketing slipped in popularity after email marketing skyrocketed is that direct mail didn’t offer a way to track results. Email marketers, however, knew when emails were opened, when links were clicked, and where those email recipients spent time on the company website.

Ta-da! Now you can do that with your ecommerce catalogs. With a customized PURL for each catalog mailed, you’ll know which of your recipients visit your site after receiving the catalog, which pages they visit, and what products they purchase. This information will help you determine your return on investment, what your current customers are interested in, and how to segment your mailing lists in the future.

It’s not too late to organize a catalog campaign for your ecommerce company’s holiday sales. If you’re ready to get started, give us a call. We’ll help you get some of that holiday money you might otherwise miss out on.