Many small business owners make the mistake of thinking that branding is merely a logo. Don’t be one of those owners! Branding includes a strong and appealing logo, but it is only one facet of getting your company out to the world!

Your Audience: Know them!

Understanding the basic needs of your target audience is the cornerstone to the success of your business. You must know everything about what they want, what they desire and need, and how they go about seeking it out. It doesn’t work the other way around. You find them and cater to their needs!

Your Message is King!

The mission statement created when you start a business is the very foundation of everything you will offer to your customers. Let customers know who you are, what your ‘personality’ is, what is valued by your brand, and stay true to your mission. Connecting your mission statement with your audience drives loyalty, consistent messaging, and more conversions from your audience. Of course, getting your message out as often and in as many ways will help connect your business to even more prospective customers!

Hello World!

Your tone is key to reaching the right customers. If you are going to be offering discounted materials, then high-brow language and formalities won’t do. Conversely, if the goal is to offer white-glove service to your clientele, then the message needs to match and relate to this audience. 
This message must be carried out throughout every means you use to communicate. Your website will have one look or the other, with regards to professional or relaxed – it won’t have both, and it shouldn’t. Your social media presence, which you must have and utilize regularly, will also have that same stylized voice. Any direct mail or email blasts you send out must also continue ‘speaking’ to the customers in the same tone you have shared across all other mediums. Consistency is vital.

One message. One shared, uniform tone

Choose your company name very wisely. Make sense when you can. Be creative whenever possible. The company name should be catchy and straightforward, though this is not always easy to do. Nor is a common name readily available as a domain name. However, do your best to create a name that connects your product to your potential customers.

AMi Marketing Can Help!

AMi is an all-inclusive marketing agency with years of experience and very satisfied customers across Tennessee and the Southeast. AMi Marketing can assist you from the very start of your business. We offer proven logo design, creative website creation, direct mailings, email marketing, brochures, one-sheets, social media assistance, website design, and much more. 
One thing to consider is how much of a role you, the business owner, will play. As the company is yours, we need to know everything about the ideas you have; the message and tone you wish to convey to potential and returning customers. You will be and should be, an active player in the design of the brand that will be your company. AMi Marketing will be there for you every step of the way with professional assistance and proven results.