October 01, 2018

Alumni Relations - Reaching Your Alumni Effectively in Today’s Marketplace

School pride on a collegiate level can be truly fanatical. Tune in to any football game on a Saturday in September for proof of such. Alumni proudly show their colors, their mascot, and their swag from last year’s bowl game! As well they should!
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Marketing Pros at AMi continue to get results for clients
September 28, 2018

AMi Marketing Continues to Lead the Way

Just because you have built it, does not guarantee that they will come. If they don’t know which cornfield in Iowa you’ve created your baseball diamond, they’re not coming.

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AMi Marketing Nonprofit Help
August 27, 2018

AMi Marketing Helps Nonprofits Reach their Donors

According to the National Council for Nonprofits, 82.5% of all nonprofit groups in the U.S. operate on an annual revenue of less than 1 million dollars. In actuality, most organizations fall well below such numbers.
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Find Great Commercial Printer
July 25, 2018

Finding a Great Commercial Printer for Your Business

 We all have specific needs when it comes to running a business. Training, equipment, knowledge, and even how to communicate & market to your customers.
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AMi Marketing Best Printer
June 08, 2018

Where Can I find the Best Printing Partner?

Every business, big and small, needs an effective way to get the word out to the community they serve. For some, it means reaching out to one specific neighborhood. To others, they are embarking on a national or even global effort.

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