AMi Marketing Nonprofit Help
According to the National Council for Nonprofits, 82.5% of all nonprofit groups in the U.S. operate on an annual revenue of less than 1 million dollars. In actuality, most organizations fall well below such numbers. No matter, all nonprofit organizations are always aware of operating costs – or the lack thereof.
Every outgoing penny needs to be justified at all times. It is critical for nonprofits to wisely choose what they spend on and what they do not. 
While the primary source of money does not come from private donors, private donations are a crucial component of any nonprofit. The average foundation donations (individual giving and private donors) is listed as roughly 13% of the revenue of a nonprofit. That said, many smaller nonprofits will likely never see or qualify for large grants and donations. Without these donations, the only other significant piece of the pie would then come from fees attached to services, which no one wants to do.

How Can I Get My Message Out There?

It is no mystery that nonprofits, like any other business, have to spend some money to make money, but let’s be sure where the expenses are going! When any nonprofit creates a campaign to reach out to donors, they need to be sure they are reaching the right people! The message is, of course, more important than anything else. Your prospective donors need to feel that you are genuinely dedicated to your cause. Donors want to be assured that you (and they) are helping the dedicated cause of the nonprofit.
What Kind of Advertising Should My Nonprofit Invest In?  
In today’s direct marketing world, there are more choices than ever before. There are many different ways to get your message out to the people you want to hear it. Yes, budgets are a significant source of frustration for nonprofits, but they are not deal breakers! 
AMi Marketing can help you get your message out to the donors you are seeking within the budget you have to work with. Booklets and brochures can truly captivate a reader when they are uniquely designed and provide information in a fun way. Postcards can make huge impacts to potential donors as a proactive touch keeps a nonprofit top of mind.
The connection to the donor is the key. One way or the other, they need to know you exist, and that you are trying to make the community-at-large a better place for all who live there.

What Are My Printing Options?

AMi Marketing will always make recommendations to find the most efficient process to reach your audience. By utilizing AMi's commercial print and mail options, the AMi team will make recommendations for your needs. Depending on the size of the audience, AMi may recommend either static or dynamic print options. 
Static printing helps keep costs down by only having one uniform message. Every piece is exactly the same compared to dynamic print where names, the text itself, and even pictures can differ between every single piece printed. 
Regardless of the means of communication, we can assist you with that. We will work with you on the drafts and final proof to be sure that the content is exactly what you want (color, text, images) before it is printed. 

Can I Pinpoint Specific People to Mail To?

Absolutely! Merely sending out your message to everyone in the community is probably not the right approach. For most, they will view it as nothing more than junk mail, and that means you have wasted money. Targeting those most likely to support your nonprofit will see a positive effect to your bottom line as these targets are more likely to give. AMi Marketing uses a multitude of market research tools to identify and build a target list to ensure your campaign is successful
After the list is made, the piece is designed, reviewed, and is ready to mail....and yes, AMi Marketing can mail your message out directly in quick fashion. By using a marketing & print partner that can both print AND mail the campaign, nonprofits save time AND money getting their message out into the world.
Getting your nonprofit’s message to the right potential donors can absolutely be done - even on a limited budget! We know! We have successfully worked with organizations to meet their needs. 
AMi Marketing can help you too!