Marketing Pros at AMi continue to get results for clients

Just because you have built it, does not guarantee that they will come. If they don’t know which cornfield in Iowa you’ve created your baseball diamond, they’re not coming.

Whether it’s a ball field, or more likely a small business, marketing your brand correctly will determine its success. The very best contractors, plumbers, dentists, and lawyers do not need to know everything about successful marketing. They DO need to know how to find the very best ways to market their product. For that, direct mail, printing companies, and marketing agencies will become a vital asset to the growth of your business. 
If only there were a company with commercial printing capabilities, marketing know-how, and a proven track record.... if you are still looking maybe it is time to drop AMi Marketing a message!
Here in Middle Tennessee, AMi Marketing has become the standard in reliable, cost-effective, and target-specific commercial printing services for more than a decade. Combining that with our marketing expertise - we craft marketing campaigns get seen, get heard, and get action!
We continue to deliver highly effective means of getting your message to your prospective clients. It’s our job! We love it. We know it well.... And we get results!

What We Do

AMi Marketing works with our clients on everything from graphic design, developing marketing strategies, and even to the actual distribution of your message. This could be coming up with a new way to present your business, digital marketing, direct mail, or our favorite - combining marketing avenues for greatest results!
AMi Marketing uses various proprietary tools to reach existing clients and to inform prospective ones what your business offers. Together, we will decide on the best approach for your marketing campaign. This could be a direct mail campaign that includes a brochure, coupon, or even a magazine! Designing a website that gets traffic and results! Or even planning and developing a media buy to really make some noise for your business!
AMi Marketing is not only an active marketing partner but your go-to source for commercial printing and direct mail. We use a variety of cutting-edge technology that helps us help you when it comes to precise mailing - and we do all this in-house. (Don't believe us - Schedule a tour!)
With our marketing pros, we will define audiences to target for your business to ensure you aren't wasting money sending messages to unlikely customers. We perform research every day to build our clients target lists that get them in front of the right people - their next potential customer! 
Feel free to reach out to AMi Marketing with any questions you may have regarding marketing or printing needs. 
AMI Marketing - always ready to serve Middle TN Marketing Needs!