School pride on a collegiate level can be truly fanatical. Tune in to any football game on a Saturday in September for proof of such. Alumni proudly show their colors, their mascot, and their swag from last year’s bowl game! As well they should!
Most colleges would like to think that school pride would automatically translate to alumni giving... this is not the case at all!
The list of reasons for unsuccessful returns in alumni donations can be numerous.  Recent alumni may still be in the process of paying off their student loans. Others may be saving up for their children to attend their alma mater. While this will undoubtedly account for some non-givers, some schools are still raising funds effectively. Studies into alumni giving have shown that the effort in the message is the crucial element in effective giving campaigns.


What Works Best in Giving Campaigns? 

Studies have shown that personalization of your marketing message is critical to a successful campaign. Crafting custom messages for recipients that focuses more on the success of the institution inspires gifts from alumni more often compared to passing on a 'guilt trip' for donations. These messages give more pride & joy compared to weighing individuals down with guilt! Using pictures of current students on campus speaks to the heart of the reader. This nostalgia reminds alum of their special time on that very campus, and hopefully, where it has brought them today.
Direct mail is more often listed the reason alumni are giving, versus, other marketing & advertising methods. In this day and age, successful alumni marketing is critical for the welfare of any school. Costs are at an all-time high to run an institution so getting the most value out of your marketing efforts is essential. Incoming donations are a critical piece in providing stable finances for any university or college. The way in which an institution engages alumni is vital to the success of engagement campaigns.

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