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“Direct mail marketing”. It’s ironic how it’s all around us but the term never seems to come up in day-to-day conversations. It can be as simple as a coupon in the mail that arrives in every mailbox in a particular suburb, or it can be the most creative thing we’ve seen in ages, and that is some kind of exciting! That fun and exciting little part of us when we see something new, even if it is simplistic fun, it is all part of direct mail marketing.


Direct mail marketing is a technique used by companies in order to, to put it bluntly, to stick around! It’s all around us, as said before, and it’s true. It’s everywhere and we will most likely buy something after the coupon has touched our hands, left our hands and expired, and then just bought the product or whatever the coupon was for anyway. It happens. It gets into our minds and into the consumerist memory banks and stays there because if we see it, we can’t magically rewire our brains to not see whatever it was. IT IS THERE!

Good luck getting it out.

This is the point that direct mail marketing intends to make; it is created to leave a mark, to stamp a message or a vision into the minds of its consumers. This is what helps brands and companies stick around! The fact that it is inevitably in our hands, in our line of vision, and oddly, everywhere else.