A Thorough Understanding of Booklet Production and Collating

Every time one of our faithful AMi Printing clients orders the production of a booklet, whether perfect bound or saddle stitched, the order involves a couple of steps. A majority of these are based around collating. Today, let us explore booklet production and collating. We will also discuss what’s in it for you.

What’s Collating?

If you’re reading this, you might wonder what collating is. Collating refers to “arranging documents in an orderly fashion.” For catalogs and books, it is placing pages in the proper order. This is, of course, vital in the production of booklets! Now, if you need more help understanding collating, you can always chat with us. We are AMi Printing, the best creative design company in Nashville today.

How Does Collating in Booklet Production Work?

Collating works as follows It’s like this: You have four stacks of documents classified as 1 to four. Most likely, you’ll have a huge stack of each, removing one of the stacks and arranging it with the remaining three stacks before repeating the process starting from the beginning. This may sound boring, but with 10-15 minutes of practice, you’ll be able to do it with your eyes closed. With orders of larger books with more complicated layouts, the use of technology will move the collating process move along.

We utilize a state-of-the-art modern collating machine to arrange larger piles of pages to create larger booklets. You can collate 100- or 80-page booklet using several different stacks, each with the same number of 30 or more pages each stack. Because they’re printed sequentially and separated by the collator, each page series is within the larger stack. Our production experts can take up to 30 or 20 pages to fold into booklets at the same given time. After that, you can go through the binder, and you are ready to ship the booklets.

What does it mean for you?

If you’ve just taken an unexpected trip into the production factory, you’re likely wondering what this means. Yes, we like knowing that our purchase items are produced with care and arrive quickly. However, we can focus on getting our items in the time and manner we prefer to receive them. The key to learning collating and technology that speeds it is crucial to know how to produce booklets. AMi Printing offers the best commercial printing services in Nashville. So, we’re pleased to announce that, thanks to recent investment in our collating technology, we can now produce fully-colored booklets swiftly and efficiently. Any booklet you can think of with the size, size, and pages you require, we’re able to print.

The Conclusion

A booklet is an important tool that you can use to draw more clients. So, it makes sense to use the tech in the best ways possible. You can check our elite digital printing and large-format printing services. We can guide you on the ideal form of booklets you need to print.