AMI direct mail marketing


If you’re considering direct mail marketing efforts for your automobile company, whether you own your own car lot or you’re an auto broker, you may not even realize the multiple and effective ways you can reach out to your potential customers.

Direct mail is a proven form of marketing, but not everyone has discovered the true power that letters, flyers, and postcards can provide.

To harness that power, you must be aware of the various mail types that experience great results for auto dealers. Here is a look at 9 different mail pieces you should be sending your prospective customers.

Buyback Letter

What if you could reach out to people who own cars that you’d like to stock on your used car lot? Would you send a letter telling those specific owners how much you’re willing to pay for their used vehicles while also providing suggestions for new purchases? You should. Segmenting your contact database to discover who owns which car is easy. Then you can use variable data printing, which allows the direct mail piece to look as if it has been designed and printed for that specific person, allowing each person to get a customized letter.

Trade-In Letter

To jumpstart sales on your lot, you may decide to offer a special on trade-ins. How can you let your audience know about the cash you’ll offer for used vehicles or the interest rates available for new purchases? By sending out letters to your entire contact database, of course! You can customize these trade-in letters to target specific make and models, or you can save money by utilizing  offset printing to just share the general news.

Model Release

The release of a new model is always a big deal, but sometimes even the biggest car enthusiasts aren’t aware of the news. You can send out flyers with all the information they’ll need to make a purchase decision about the new cars you have on your lot. If you have previous customers who purchased earlier models, you can specifically target those customers with information about the latest features.

Sales Events

You can’t always know when potential buyers are ready to make a purchase, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let them know of great opportunities. When you’re running a special sales event, saturation marketing will reach as many people as possible with the same information.

Pre-Qualified Notice

Because buying a car is a huge investment, many will put off the inevitable. By segmenting your buyers according to credit history, you can target those who qualify for financing and cut out a major step in their buying cycles.

Financing Offer

If you segment your buyers according to their credit scores, remaining payments on their current vehicles, and the amount they usually pay for new cars, you’ll have a list to whom you can send financing offers. Again, financing offers can remove a lot of the doubt potential buyers have—especially those who just aren’t sure if they’ll be approved for a new purchase.

Service Options

You can keep your buyers on your car lot by reminding them of the service and maintenance options you offer. Send out a blanket piece that makes buyers aware of the ability to get oil changes, tires rotated, bodywork completed, and even mechanical service.

Service Specials

The best way to let your buyers know your dealership offers service and maintenance is to inform them of any special deals you’re running. If you’re a master at segmenting your contact lists, you can even send timely reminders the moment an oil change is needed.


It’s hard to imagine that buyers might feel any remorse when behind the wheel of a new car, but it does happen. You can send out targeted cards congratulating those buyers on the wisdom of buying a new car. That positive reinforcement will cement their happiness and promote their feelings of goodwill toward your dealership. The result is often referrals, positive reviews, and testimonials.

Have you taken full advantage of the various direct mail options available for your dealership? If you’re ready to boost your marketing power, let AMi help you grow your business.