direct mail marketing

A direct mail marketing campaign is a serious investment. To make sure you get the most for your money, attention to detail is critical. Are you afraid your marketing materials are finding the trash before the recipients even read them? You may be performing one of these critical faux pas.

No Return Address or Company Identification

With no identification on your direct mail, recipients have no idea who is reaching out. Even if your mail is something they really want to receive, they’ll likely throw the envelope or card away without taking any further action. And why would they? How can they know your letter contains the best offer ever if they don’t even know it’s from you?

No Personalization

Variable data printing makes this step incredibly easy. When a consumer sees his or her name on a piece of mail, they will take the time to open the letter or read the card. Addressing buyers with generic terms, such as “Dear Valued Customer” or getting the name wrong on a personalized piece are both great ways to ensure the recipient ignores your mail.

Design Doesn’t Match Buyer Personas

Of course, you want a splashy design that will catch everyone’s eyes, but are you sure this is the right way to go for everyone? Studies show that older professionals prefer text over bright graphics. The younger crowd, however, would prefer to see something bold and exciting first. Maybe they’ll read the words later. If you’re sending out the wrong styles to your buyers, your letters and cards might just be ignored on a regular basis.

Poor Spelling and Grammar

A proofreader for every aspect of your direct mail is absolutely crucial. Even if you’re a stickler for grammar and spelling, a second pair of eyes is always a good idea. Many recipients may welcome your direct mail marketing, but the moment they encounter a typo or misspelled word, their estimation of your professionalism takes a hit.

No Website Address Included

A large percentage of direct mail recipients44% in fact—will head straight to your website for more information rather than driving to your place of business. It’s just the nature of consumers anymore to get as much information as possible before they make a purchase. If your direct mail piece doesn’t include a website address or at least social media accounts, your buyers may not go through the trouble of finding you themselves.

Targeting the Wrong Part of the Buying Cycle

How do you think a long-time customer would feel if they opened the mailbox to find mail directed to prospects or brand-new leads? You can’t address those loyal customers the same way you would a new buyer. The same is true for the opposite, too. Assuming everyone on your contact list is ready to buy is a bad mailing move. Those who are still in the decision or even the information-gathering phase won’t want a high-pressure sales letter.

Out-of-Date Mailing Lists

If you don’t clean up your mailing lists on a regular basis, there’s a good chance you’ll send out several pieces that go straight in the trash. You could follow every piece of advice on this list, from personalizing your letter to sending at the perfect time in the buying cycle, but if your intended target doesn’t live at that address anymore, the effort is wasted.

Need Help from Professionals

One action will solve every problem on this list: get help from a direct mail marketing professional.  AMi will help you focus on every single detail so you always get the most out of each direct mail piece you send. If you’re going to invest in your direct mail marketing, shouldn’t you have the help of true professionals on your side?

When you’re ready to grow your business through direct mail marketing, let us help. Give us a call, and we’ll transform the way you market.