direct mail musts

If you labor through creating and launching a direct mail campaign, then you’ll definitely want to know your time, effort, and dollars will result in higher revenue. To achieve higher revenue, you have to ensure that every piece of mail you send checks all the boxes. What are those boxes? Let’s take a look.

Feature Correct Address

Some studies suggest that mailing lists degrade by up to 2% per month. That, coupled with the estimation that almost 15% of Americans move to a new home each year, tells you just how many of your direct mail pieces aren’t reaching their intended mailboxes.

You must clean up your mailing lists at least once per year. You’re more likely to reach the right mailbox if you pay close attention to your lists three to four times per year. And when you reach the right mailbox, you’re more likely to reach your intended target.

Target the Buyer of the Household

A blanket salutation to “Resident of 123 Everyplace Street” will carry your mail straight to the trashcan. If that mail arrived in an envelope, you can be sure no one saw a single word of your message before the mail was tossed.

You can’t simply target the residents of the house; you must focus on the person who’ll most likely make the decisions regarding the products or services you sell. And remember that the decision-maker may not be who you expect. More and more women are making the final financial decisions in homes, with an even larger percentage influencing purchases.

Grab Attention with a Headline

Postcards are the best way to ensure your message is seen, even if only for a moment. The next step is to create a bold and compelling headline that will stop consumers in their tracks. Free? Big sale? Change their lives? These are the claims that will make someone pause on their way to the trash.

Support and Further Your Brand

Just remember you have a reputation to protect. Any of your messaging should be in line with your brand’s vision and mission. To make bold declarations that you can’t support is a bad move for your brand as a whole. It doesn’t take much to completely rewrite your brand story with some pretty ugly endings.

Tell Your Story

And speaking of telling your story, you get a few lines to do so. With your brand voice firmly in place, take the opportunity to show buyers what you’re all about. What are the benefits people experience when using your products or services? How can you change their lives, even in the smallest of ways?

Call Buyers to Action

After telling your story, you must tell buyers what you want them to do next. A call-to-action gives them those instructions. Visit the website. Make a purchase. Call to learn more. Whatever their next step should be, you should tell them so in a CTA.

Provide a Way to Track Engagement

Your CTA serves a second purpose if you can send those buyers somewhere that helps you track their movements. A PURL that goes to a landing page on your website is perfect, because it lets you track those buyers from the moment of first interest to the moment they make a purchase. Coupons and discount codes also help you track which recipients engaged with your mail pieces. Even something as simple as providing social media account information could help you determine who read your mail and who didn’t.

Does your direct mail do all of these things? If not, maybe it’s time to give AMi a call. Our goal is to help you grow your business for a healthier bottom line. We’d love to show you how we do that.