Ways to mix direct mail and digital marketing

With marketers constantly searching for new and innovative ways to reach their audiences, the lure of the latest media trends is strong.

Email, social media, and other digital marketing methods can seem like the shiny new frontier.

Oftentimes, direct mail is overlooked in the marketing conversation, even though stats show that it can be a valuable addition to your marketing mix.

If you’re interested in including direct mail in your marketing campaigns, but aren’t sure how to get started, check out the tips we’ve listed below.

Include Personalized URLs in Direct Mail to Help Capture Information

If your company is concerned with lead generation, leverage your direct mail audience to bolster your lead lists.

Include specialized URLs on your direct mail prints, and make an attractive offer to your recipients. Discounts, special offers or exclusive products are great ways to draw their attention and convince them to visit a specified web page and enter their information.

Incorporate an Email Blast to Tease Your Direct Mail Send

Another great way to incorporate direct mail with digital is to tease your direct mail release with an email blast to your customer list.

You can tease an upcoming offer, sale or discount, so your recipients will be on the lookout for mail from you in the coming days.

Integrate Your Direct Marketing Efforts with Your Social Media Presence

This can be as easy as including the URL of your company’s Facebook or Twitter and asking for a like or a follow.

It can also include things like posting your direct mail campaign offers on your separate social media platforms or encouraging people to join your mailing list via social media.

Integrate Your Direct Mail Targeting with Social Media Targeting

Another awesome way to integrate direct and digital marketing is social media targeting.

Try targeting a particular subset of people through both direct mail and social media.

For instance, if you’re targeting K-12 Teachers in Colorado through direct mail, you can do the same through your Facebook targeting and ads.

This will help you expand the number of people you will reach, while keeping your messaging consistent throughout the process.

If you target the same people twice, it will simply increase their exposure to your brand and your offer.

Take Advantage of QR Codes

Including a unique URL is great, but a QR code will remove the need for a direct mail recipient to type in a long web address.

When you include QR codes, all they have to do is scan the code on their smartphone. They’ll be directly transported to your landing page, which can have unique tracking and analytics attached, allowing you to gather data and insight.

Additionally, the USPS offer incentives for companies who include QR codes in direct mailers; through the end of 2016, you can enjoy an upfront 2% postage discount when you include Quick Response codes that lead your mail recipients directly to an online shopping portal.

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