Ways to improve your direct mail marketing by taking advantage of postal rates


With each New Year, the country holds its collective breath to see if postal rates will increase.

We’ve already learned the increase has been postponed for now, but we may see those prices go up in the spring. The higher prices may convince you to eliminate, or at least cut back on, your direct mail marketing efforts. Before you resort to such drastic measures, you should consider the many ways you can beat the postal rate hike without sacrificing your marketing.

Better Segmentation

What happens when consumers receive mail that doesn’t interest them? That mail goes in the circular file, right? All the postage paid on letters for men that reach a woman’s hands, catalogs for kids that land in childless homes, and flyers designed for young professionals that end up in the mailboxes of retired couples. All of that postage is wasted.

If you segment your contact lists to ensure everyone receives mail according to their specific buyer personas—their age, gender, income, and interests—then you’re less likely to throw your money away. Spend some time with your contact lists before the postal rates go up. By the time prices increase, you’ll have lists that ensure maximum success.

More Targeted Content

Once you have your contact lists segmented, focus on sending content specifically for those in each list. With variable data printing, you can change even the smallest detail. You already know which consumers are more likely to purchase your products or services.

By targeting the content, you can show those buyers exactly what they want to see. Those real estate buyers who love historic homes won’t receive flyers for the latest developments in town. Car buyers who stick to black vehicles can receive notifications for the latest automobiles on your lot. The possibilities are endless, and the results worth the cost.

Focus on Customer Journey

Why would you send a loyal customer a welcome letter? You wouldn’t. By focusing on the buyers’ journeys, you can present them with the right information at the right time in the buying cycle. Those who have been interacting with your company for a while can receive the mail designed to convert leads to sales. Prospects who are still gathering information can receive educational pieces designed to move them further down the sales funnel.

If you reach a potential buyer at the wrong time with the wrong information, you could lose them for good. And losing them for good costs more than a postage stamp.

Personalize the Message

By this point, you know your buyers. You’re aware of their income, their location, their familial status, and their position in the sales funnel. Why, then, would you neglect to address this buyer you know so well by name? Of those who experience personalized marketing, 86% say it influences their purchasing decisions. If you really want to make an impact and ensure the mail you send is opened and read, spend a little time addressing the envelope.

Partner with a Professional

You could do all this within the walls of your company, but think of the time and resources you’ll spend. With a professional partner who has years of experience in direct mail marketing, you can make the very most of every cent you spend. AMi is that partner, and we’re ready to help you grow your business. Give us a call when you’re ready to make the most of your direct mail marketing.