marketing to men and women

It’s no secret that men and women are different. They think differently, design differently, work differently, and even buy differently. Why, then, would you attempt to send the same direct mail marketing to both men and women?

Before you plan your next direct mail campaign, it’s important to consider the ways men and women make purchases. What influences them to buy? What is their buying style? With this information, you can make sure your campaigns are perfectly targeted. To help you get started, here are 5 key differences between a man and a woman’s shopping styles.

Shopping Makes Women Happy

Too many comedians have told this joke, right? With so many laughing, we forget that this is actually a fact. A whopping 64% of women think shopping improves their mood, while only 40% of men feel this way.

Did you catch that? It’s not just women; 40% of men admit shopping lifts their mood. Maybe it’s a smaller number, but buying stuff can make the world a happier place. It’s something to remember when targeting men and women with your mail campaigns.

Men Make Decisive Purchases

When it comes to researching a purchase, expect the woman to study up. Women prefer to find answers before making a decision, which often involves browsing, comparing, and other research. Men are more likely to buy a product as soon as they know what they want, with little additional research or browsing.

For this very reason, men are often more inclined to pay higher prices. They’d rather get the purchase out of the way so they can get on to more exciting things. That means they’re also more likely to shell out more dough for the name brands because they trust that brand to perform.

Marketing Materials Should Be Different

Men and women absorb marketing materials differently, believe it or not. Women would prefer not to see big action words like “Free!” or “Buy Now!” because they’re not as easily persuaded as men. They want to do the research, remember? Instead, tell stories and play to their emotions in your copy and images.

Big action words are perfect for men, who’d prefer to get the story in as few words as possible. Men also prefer images over text. There is a physiological reason for this, too, regarding the formation of the male brain as compared to the female. It’s science.

Let Women Design for Women

Women control 80% of consumer spending, yet only 3% of advertising creatives are women. If you’re trying to reach women with your marketing, it’s not a bad idea to ask a woman to help design it. If your marketing and design team is all male, then gather a pool of women to test each direct mail piece before you send it.

Further Targeting Is Important

Marketing to women can be broken down into further categories, according to different demographics. Family-oriented women shop differently than single and/or childless women. While they both may make the final call on things purchased for the home and family, they come to the conclusions differently. The family woman may spend more time researching prices and brands, while the single lady may be more carefree with purchases.

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