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Finding new ways to engage with your marketing audience can be tough. You want to provide offers that appeal to them, and you need to package those offers in a way that catches their attention.

While it’s true that digital marketing has taken the world by storm, direct marketing still has plenty of bite.

You just have to figure out how to appeal to your customer base through your marketing materials and message.

Sprucing up your arsenal of promotional items is an easy way to inject some life into your next direct mail campaign.

To inspire you for your next direct marketing push, consider these fun promotional items to include in your campaign.

1. Calendars

Offering your direct mail recipients something they can immediately use is an easy win.

A calendar with your logo, motto, and website URL is a great promotional item that your recipients can make use of on a daily basis.

A calendar will serve a purpose for your recipients, and can help put your logo and website in front of them every time they use it.

2. Pens

A pen is another highly useful item that many of your recipients will notice immediately.

Customizing your pen with your company’s logo, phone number, address, or website URL can help put your brand’s name in front of the right eyes.

3. Seasonal Items

There are plenty of season-inspired promotional items that will catch your audience’s attention.

A blank holiday wish list, New Years’ resolution list or local football team schedule are great promotional items for different times of year.

Holiday-inspired magnets or Halloween-themed preparation lists are useful items that promote your business and take advantage of the spirit of the season.

4. Dimensional Items

If you have the budget, dimensional items can be a slam-dunk for your next direct mail campaign.

Imprinted rubber stress balls, rulers, and industry-specific items (check out IKEA’s brilliant direct mailer) can help add mystique to your direct marketing and encourage your recipient to open.

People love getting useful items for free, and the more creative you are, the better your response will be.

Finding a company that can beautifully package your dimensional items can be tough, but AMi, Inc is here to help.  Check out our direct mail services today.

5. Samples of Your Product

Why not encourage your recipients to directly interact with your company’s amazing products?

By including product samples in your direct mailers, you can do that.

Do you sell carpeting? Attach samples of your newest and best inventory.

Are you a beauty boutique pushing the latest fall fragrance? Consider sending a peel-back perfume sample.

A sample of your product is the easiest way to get your direct mail audience up close and personal with what you do.

Add your logo, website URL, social media handles, phone number and address, and you’ve got a recipe for instant inquiries.

Streamline Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

Before you can launch your next direct mail campaign, you need a company that can handle the heavy lifting.

AMi, Inc. offers dynamic content printing, mailing list services, and postal regulation expertise, to help you get your direct mailers packaged and ready to go, on your timeline.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.