Ways to integrate Social Media into your Direct Mail

Social media is one of the most important avenues for brands when it comes to finding, reaching and maintaining their audiences.

It’s a simple truth: it’s a rare company that survives in 2016 without a social media presence.

If you’ve built up a strong following and a good presence on your social media channels, you might be wondering how to leverage that power within your direct marketing efforts.

We’ve talked before about how integration of your digital and direct marketing initiatives can make both more powerful.

So how do you more strongly integrate your direct mail with your social media presence?

Let’s explore.

Include Your Social Media Handles in Your Direct Mail

A huge swath of your direct mail audience might not even know they can find you on social media.

Make an appeal to them to follow you on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in your direct mailers; pitch your social media channels as a great place to find out about deals, discounts and specials.

Promise exclusive access to social media-only contests and giveaways; give your direct mail audience a reason to cross over to the social side!

This will contribute to a spike in your social media audience and offer a huge opportunity to increase your digital audience, as well.

Use Customer Testimonials from Social Media in Your Direct Mail

Today, more than ever, customers rely on social media to influence their buying behaviors.

Peer recommendations, in fact, account for more influence on a person’s buying behavior than advertisements or celebrity endorsements.

Social proof is a huge driving factor of online interactions and purchases. A company’s online reputation is often the first thing a potential customer considers before going deeper into an interaction with that company.

If you’ve got sterling reviews on your Facebook, Twitter or Google pages, post them on your direct mailers, along with a link to where your recipient can find the review for themselves.

This will encourage them to read the rest of your great reviews, get to know your company better and maybe even give you a follow.

Use Social Media to Tease Upcoming Direct Mail Offers

Getting your direct mail audience to follow you on social is only one side of the integration coin.

You can also invest time in getting your strictly social audience to sign up for your direct mailers.

Teasing exclusive direct mail deals or discounts on your social media is an easy way to stir interest.

Make signing up for your direct mail as easy as possible, and include examples of past discounts, specials and promotions that your company has offered through direct mail.

Meld Social Links Into Your Direct Mailers

Have a hashtag you want your direct mail audience to explore? Print it on your direct mailers.

Include QR codes that send your direct mail audience members directly to special social media landing pages or offer pages.

There are plenty of ways to catch your audience’s eyes and convince them to expand their interactions with your brand to social media.

Once you can do that, you’ll have more opportunity to build a connection with them and move them from prospect to customer.

Wonder how you can create direct mail that transcends the digital chasm?

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