corporate holiday cards

If you’ve sent holiday cards in the past, you know that October is definitely not too soon to be planning for this year. In fact, for larger corporations with massive mailing lists, October is probably too late. Don’t worry if you’ve just discovered you’re running behind. We’ll help you get back on track with these tips.

Make Your List

Remember that mailing lists can decay by up to 2% each month, which means a good chunk of your addresses might be flat-out wrong since your last holiday mailing. Make sure all the companies on your list are still in business, that they’re still in the same location. Double-check to see if any have opened a secondary location, or perhaps even more. You don’t want to accidentally leave anyone out.

Check It Twice

Not only will changes occur for companies as a whole, but they’ll also happen to the individuals within. Are you sure the CEO is still the same or has a new one taken over? Is the Director of Marketing still with the company? Perhaps she was promoted to CMO, and a card with the wrong title will only serve to insult her. The contacts you have within each company may change from year to year. Make sure your cards will reach the right person.

Consider Custom Cards

This is one piece of mail that your recipients are likely to display for several days, if not weeks. Why would you send something that everyone else is sending? With a little bit of design help, you could develop a custom card that shows your company in the very best light. A photo shoot with all your team members, a snowy scene with your headquarters as the focal point, or maybe even your CEO dressed up like a snowman—all of these will resonate better with your clients than a store-bought card.

Personal Signatures

We’re big advocates of personalization, but it’s possible to automate that. We can duplicate your signature so every card will look like it was personally signed by you. We can also send out the cards in envelopes with script fonts to really make your clients and other business contacts feel special. Top the whole thing off with a festive stamp, and you’ll send out a card that people really remember.

If you need help with any of this before the holiday season has come and gone, we’re here to help. Just be sure to get your orders in early to take advantage of the personalization we offer! Holiday cards are a great way to thank past clients for their business and keep your company growing.