Tips to increase response rates on Direct mail

Direct marketing remains one of the most effective ways to target and engage your customers. It also offers one of the highest rates of response.

In fact, direct marketing elicits a response rate of about 3.7%, according to the Direct Mail Marketing Association.

While those numbers may not look all that impressive, you have to consider that digital marketing sources have a response rate of only 0.1%. Direct mail has stayed in front throughout the digital boom.

But just because the response rate of direct mail is higher than others doesn’t mean marketers and businesses are satisfied with the average.

If you’re looking to increase response rates to your direct mail marketing, check out the tips below.

Include a Personalized URL

We’ve said this time and time again, but incorporating PURLs is a great way to mix your digital and direct marketing efforts and provide a great opportunity for your audience to respond.

A personalized URL allows you to create specialized, highly unique microsites or landing pages that reflect your respondents’ unique information and interests.

It’s an easy way for your potential customers to interact with your brand and provide valuable information about themselves.

Offer More Than One Point of Contact

Your direct mail audience is full of different people. They have their own tastes, preferences and styles. That’s why you have to offer more than one point of contact on your direct marketing mailers.

Mailers with only a phone number won’t appeal to potential customers who prefer to do everything online. Mailers with only a web address won’t appeal to people who prefer to connect with companies through social media. And not including a phone number will eliminate potential customers who do everything by phone. You see where we’re going with this?

Including multiple points of contact will allow your audience to choose which response method works best for them.

Offer Something Especially Exciting

If you want to beef up your contact list, an easy tactic is to offer something that’s really enticing.

A one-time discount or offer is great. Exclusive information or access to special sale is great. Know your audience, and make an offer that will appeal to them enough that they take action to connect with you.

Target Effectively

There are multiple formats available for direct mail marketing, meaning you have lots of options when it’s time to beef up your response rates.

So how do you know which option to select for your upcoming campaign? Market research.

You’ll never be able to effectively target the right audience members if you haven’t done a ton of research on demographics, habits, psychological tendencies, and cultural qualities.

Targeting is an ongoing process that offers continual benefits for your campaigns. Targeting well is perhaps the single most important part of increasing your response rates.

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