Direct Mail Marketing that Appeals to Seniors

There’s a lot of talk lately about how to market to the Millennial generation. What do they like, what language do they respond to, what colors do they react to?

We spend money researching them, organizing marketing campaigns that appeal to them, and gathering metrics on how well they received our efforts.

We often forget that there are other generations of people who are still spending money, making connections with companies and becoming lifelong customers.

And they are worth our time and attention, as well.

For companies who are pursuing direct mail marketing, researching and appealing to the senior population is a potential gold mine.

Check out these five tips for creating direct mailers that appeal to seniors.

Segment Your Lists

It’s important to segment the lists that receive your direct mail, to increase the likelihood that your mailers will be received and engaged with.

You don’t want to waste postage and expense sending senior-centric direct mailers to recipients who aren’t likely to respond.

It’s important to seek out lists that fit your demographic parameters, so your money is well-spent and your mailers are well-received.

AMi, Inc offers list acquisition services that will help you get your direct mail into the right hands.

Use Large Print

The fact remains: a huge number of seniors experience diminished vision due to age-related vision loss or diseases.

Your direct mail should be easy for seniors to read, with large, uncomplicated print.

The section of your mailer that communicates your company’s offer should be especially easy to read.

Know Who You’re Talking To

The most recent stats on seniors reveal that only half of older women are married, versus nearly three quarters of older men.

Nearly 30% of women 65 or older live alone.  

Almost half of women who are 75 or older live alone.

These stats are just a portion of the revealing and important information you need to know about the average senior before you try and target them with your direct mail.

For instance, speaking to couples or families in your direct mailers is not an efficient strategy for appealing to seniors, since so many of them live alone and have lost their spouses.

Don’t Push Social Media or Online Presence

You can’t just recycle a Millennial-targeted direct mailer and replace the language so that it appeals to seniors.

A push for social media followers and engagement might alienate your senior recipients.

Social media icons and web URLs aren’t likely to have an impact with your senior audience, either.

In 2010, only 11% of seniors regularly used social media. By 2015, that number was still only 35%.

In fact, as recently as 2013, 41% of seniors reported not even having Internet access in their homes.

While seniors have made strides towards adopting newer technologies in recent years, you have to consider that they still lag behind younger Americans in their interest and use of digital and mobile technology.

As more Baby Boomers reach their senior years, the senior demographic is only going to grow.

Targeting them could be a boon for your company, but you have to know how to appeal to them before sending them direct mail and hoping for a response.

AMi, Inc. can help you find the demographic you’re looking for, and help you deploy direct mail marketing that gets the responses you crave.

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