4 Technologies to build the best direct mail list

In the world of direct marketing, your mailing list is your bread and butter. And targeting is important. 

Without effective targeting, you’re wasting precious dollars on creative, printing, postage and data collection.

In the past, targeting was a time-consuming and grueling process.

But today, things are different.

Cutting edge direct mail companies have the technology to help you craft a list that is a true win for your direct mail campaigns.

AMi, Inc. has invested in a number of amazing list acquisition technologies that will help you target better and get your direct mail into the right hands.

Let’s explore those technologies.

National Change of Address (NCOA)

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that the average American moves 12 times during his or her lifetime.

That’s a ton of addresses, and a ton of change.

Your list, as it stands, likely contains a slew of people that have recently moved. This will diminish your response rates, sales and ROI on your direct mail investment.

AMi, Inc. knows how important it is that your direct mailers go to the people they’re supposed to.

 If you are trying to reach an existing customer that will probably buy your product no matter where he moves to, you don’t want to run the risk of losing him because you haven’t updated his address.  This is extremely important for non-profits, so they don’t lose people that have donated in the past.

That’s why we will utilize the NCOA database to help you clean and update your lists with addresses that are accurate.

As a side note; there are some companies where NCOA isn’t applicable

For example, if you are a pizza restaurant, you want anyone and everyone within a particular radius. You can then use ancillary address of or Current Resident to target.

Drive Time Technology

Geographical indicators are some of the richest targeting components.

After all, sending an in-store coupon to someone on one side of a busy interstate with no close exit likely won’t elicit the same response as sending one to someone who is coming from a closer location.

With AMi, Inc.’s exclusive “Drive Time Technology,” we can find and target customers that are within a particular drive-time from your location. 

Every store and every town’s situation is different.

Let us know how far someone will typically drive to get to your store in your particular area, and we will create a map to show you where the parameters are.

We will also provide you with the total number of households you will be able to reach with your mailing.

For instance, if you want to target everyone within 15 minutes of your store’s location, AMi, Inc. can help you narrow those lists to addresses that are actually within that drive-time. 

It helps you reach people you might have neglected in the past if you used the traditional 15 mile radius.

It also prevents you from sending your mailings to people that by physical barriers will never frequent your store, like the person that lives on the far side of the interstate in the above example.


Sending the same direct mailer to the same address is not only a waste of your money but many times produces the opposite effect than what you want.  

Duplicate mail pieces to the same address typically tend to aggravate the addressee. 

With merge/purge technology, you can eliminate duplicate names and or addresses and combine your lists into one clean, efficient unit.

In the world of successful direct marketing, merge/purge services are essential, and AMi, Inc. can provide them for you.

Deceased and Incarcerated Files

In addition to change of address and geographical preclusions, you also don’t want to spend money sending direct mail to those who are deceased or incarcerated.

AMi, Inc. can take your list and run it against known deceased and incarcerated files, to help you eliminate these persons from receiving your direct mail.

This technology is key to help you save money.

Mail Lists are Key to Your Direct Mail Success

The greater the amount of data you can capture at time of sale, the greater your database can work for you. 

For example, if you know your customer bought tax forms from you last year, send them a reminder that tax time is coming up again, along with a promotion for the special you’re running this year.

If you know a customer has redeemed a coupon for a free drink with their pizza, send them another coupon or a buy one get one coupon.  Keep them coming back. 

If you know your donor donated to your cause last year, ask them again this year. 

AMi, Inc. can help you go through your database and see what information you can use in your direct mail campaign.

A Direct Mail Partner You Can Trust

Your mailing lists hold tremendous value to your company. Maintaining them, however, requires energy, time, and technology that many business owners don’t have.

If you know your mailing lists need a thorough run-through, AMi, Inc. is your expert and partner.

With over 50 years of combined experience in list acquisition, we can help you create a mailing list that will deliver dividends for your company and your direct mail efforts.

Contact us today to learn more about our list acquisition services.