building relationships with direct mail


Direct mail marketing has proven to be one of the most effective and affordable tactics available, yet many firmly believe this technique is outdated.

Those who have yet to discover the true reach of direct mail have either never given this tool a shot or they haven’t used it correctly. If you’re one who believes that forming solid relationships with customers isn’t possible with direct mail, then we’re here to help. Here are some things you can do to build and strengthen ties with your customers through direct mail.


How many friends would you make if you entered a room and never said a word to anyone? The point of an introduction is to get to know everyone. When you open a new business or move your business to a new area, an introduction to all your neighbors is always a great idea.

You can also let all your old friends know what’s going on, too. When you relocate your business or expand into new territories, a notice to your current customers will go a long way toward maintaining the relationship. If you finally joined the bandwagon and started a Facebook fan page, let them know where they can find you.


After you’ve made your presence known and gotten to know a few of your new customers, it’s time to separate those new friends into categories. You’d never send your friends the same letters, would you? If one of your friends had a baby, would you congratulate everyone or just the friend with the new child? That’s the idea behind segmenting. You want to make sure everyone gets messages that are relevant to where they are in the buying process. It keeps you from making someone mad.

In other words, new customers would get one message, while loyal customers get another. Those who love the color blue would get suggestions and images that revolve around their favorite hue, while red lovers would see only red. Those who’ve made purchases before would be greeted in a familiar way so as not to hurt their feelings. See? That’s much better than sending the same message to everyone.

Calls to Action

Think of a call-to-action like an invitation, a polite request. The first would be the equivalent of “come on in.” Then you’d probably say, “Won’t you sit down?” Every request you make gets those buyers closer to making a purchase, which is the actual point of a CTA. Start with a hello, invite them to follow you on Twitter or “like” you on Facebook, and then tell them how they can buy your products right away. Remember that buyers don’t want to be forced into something; they want to be guided. They want you to ask politely. Even more, they want to think it was their own idea.

If you can craft a CTA that guides buyers where you want them to be while also convincing them that they’re making their own decisions, then you’ve got the CTA game won. Even better, you’ll be able to continue nurturing relationships with your buyers instead of bossing them around.

Follow Through

Following through seems to be the biggest problem for companies anymore. We spend all our time marketing but not enough time keeping the promises we made. If you really want buyers to keep coming back for more, then keep those promises. Not only should you keep the promises you make, but you should also send thank you notes and rewards for loyalty.

Digital platforms also give you chances to make powerful connections with your customers. An introduction by direct mail followed by an offer through email or social media is a great way to strengthen ties. Without that, your buyers will drift away to other companies the next time they need to make a purchase. They won’t feel they need to give you their loyalty if you haven’t shown them yours.

If you’d like to build relationships with your buyers through direct mail instead of just talking at them over and over, we’re here to show you how it’s done. Give us a call and we’ll help you grow your business.