4 Step how you can Save on Printing

Consumers and businesses are tightening their belts and trying to find ways to cut costs on everyday purchases. Like most other industries, the printing industry has seen rising prices for paper, ink, and materials. This means that print costs will increase across the country. That said, there are still ways that customers can save on printing projects while still enjoying high-quality printing, despite rising costs. Here are the top 4 ways to save money on your next order.

1. Bulk Purchases

Although you can order small quantities, it is not advised because of the high price of the press setup. A higher dose of marketing materials will result in a lower cost per item. It might not be possible to do this for seasonal or time-sensitive pieces that you must update frequently. But it is more practical to order larger quantities at once if you order static items all year. Tell us more about your business so that we can help you decide the bulk you need.

2. Change to a more cost-effective binding method

There are three main binding options for your catalogues or booklets: perfect binding, saddle-stitch binding, and spiral binding. All three methods can yield a high-quality catalogue, but saddle stitching is the best and cheap. This involves inserting staples in the spine of the book. It is ideal for manuals, handbooks, and catalogues. Perfect binding, which creates a magazine-style spine, is more labour-intensive than saddle-stitch binding. Spiral binding, which is the costliest of the three options, is best for small volumes of books like cookbooks, membership directories, and company workbooks. Check our large printing services. We can help you as we offer the best printing services in Brentwood, TN.

3. Keep your house paper stock

Specialty stocks are difficult to find and extremely expensive to source. Instead of choosing a specialty stock, ask your printer which house stocks are available. You will save money by choosing paper that is readily available on their production floor. Also, you can speak with your printer to find a substitute for any specialty stocks you have previously ordered.

4. Standard sizes and finishing options available

The cost of customizing an order will generally increase the overall cost. Although custom projects can be fun and allow you to express yourself, sticking to standard sizes and finish methods is best. You can find all of the most popular legal options on AMi Printing – the best creative design company in Nashville. Here you can select your product and see pricing. You can also make custom options. That way, you will save on printing if you already choose a size.

The Conclusion

So, that concludes the list of how to save on printing most time. However, you can always have a chat to get the best designs at the best price. We can also help you choose the right amount to print. Overall, that would save a large chunk as well.