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Direct mail can be costly to create and distribute, but it can also have impressive benefits.

Direct mail is one of the best options for effective marketing that gets a response from your audience.

But like all marketing, it’s only effective if it’s done right.

Like any type of marketing, you have to invest the energy and research into creating something your audience will find compelling.

So why is your direct mail going straight to the trash?

Let’s explore.

You Aren’t Targeting

Sending out your direct mailers to too many people is a recipe for a beeline to the garbage can.

You’re in a targeted industry, selling targeted products or services. You aren’t for everyone, so you shouldn’t send your offers to everyone.

Not only will targeting decrease the money you spend on printing and postage--it will also increase the likelihood that your offer or mailer gets a response, which can translate into a sale.

List acquisition and targeting is the most important thing you’ll do in your marketing campaign, aside from determining the language and design of your offer.

AMi, Inc. offers expert mailing list services that will help you find the most targeted audience for your brand’s offers.

Your Aren’t Offering Enough

Direct mail can come in abundance.

And unless your offer is truly outstanding and attention-grabbing, you’re going to have trouble standing out from your competition.

Until you’re prepared to offer your direct mail recipients something truly outstanding, you can’t expect impressive response rates or sales from your campaigns.

Give your recipients a reason to visit your website. Give them a motivation for using your QR code, accessing your landing pages, or following you on social media.

Today’s consumer is more connected and more selective than ever.

If you fail to compel them with your offer, your postcard or catalog will just be more clutter in their mailbox.

You’re Using the Wrong Format

Matching your offer to its best format is vital to getting a solid response in your direct mail campaign.

Unfortunately, many brands don’t understand this.

A highly-titillating 30% coupon doesn’t belong in an unassuming sealed envelope.

Similarly, you don’t want to send complicated dimensional mail to those you’re targeting for first-time buys and initial engagement.

Your gorgeous catalog for your fall collection with HD photography and perfect lifestyle décor? Not the best format to send to non-customers who aren’t familiar with any of your products, let alone a seasonal collection.

You have to consult your research when choosing your direct mail formats—and don’t hesitate to talk to your business-owning friends.

Get insight into the formats they’re choosing for their offers. Get inspiration from your industry’s stalwarts.

You Don’t Have the Right Support

Embarking on a new marketing campaign is intimidating, especially when you’re investing a considerable amount of money in its success.

Going it alone can be disastrous. Choosing the wrong support for your efforts can be even worse.

If you choose the right support and advice, however, you can flourish, learn and become a better marketer for your business, for life.

AMi, Inc. has decades of combined experience in mailing list services, marketing, printing and design.

We can advise you on everything from building the best possible list to creating designs that will perfectly deliver your message.

Contact us today to learn more about our direct mail services and technologies.