postcard marketing

While direct mail marketing still boasts the lowest cost-per-lead, there’s no question it’s still an expensive endeavor. There are quite a few ways you can experience success without falling prey to the rising postal rates, including aggressive segmenting to ensure the right person sees the mail piece every time. Another option? Send a postcard.

If you’ve invested most of your time and money into developing beautiful catalogs and perfectly worded letters, maybe it’s time to change things up. Here are 4 reasons the postcard should be a part of your direct mail marketing arsenal.

Lower Postage Rates

If your message fits on a postcard, then why would you pay more to send bigger mail pieces? Postcards can cost nearly half the price of letter-sized mail. The more you send, the better your rates will be. That means you could send more than twice as many postcards for approximately the same price.

If that’s not a good reason to make the switch to postcards, we don’t know what is.

Quicker Design

If you’ve designed flyers and brochures for years, you might be surprised at how quickly postcard designs are completed. With such a small surface, a compelling design can be completed in less than half the time. You can spend more time on coming up with the right words.

Less Copy Needed

Speaking of the right words, you also save time writing copy. With room for only a few sentences, you can cut down on the time you’ve spent coming up with paragraphs and product descriptions. With variable data printing, you can even create different copy for specific recipients without breaking a sweat.

Postcards Are SEEN

Even though you spend less time on design and copywriting, you can be sure more eyes will see your work. With no envelope hiding the words or pamphlet pages to turn, recipients see your message immediately upon removing the postcard from the mailbox.

AMi can help you create captivating and compelling postcards that will grow your business. If you want to learn more, reach out. We’re here and ready to help whenever you need us.