integrate direct mail and digital marketing

It’s becoming increasingly clear to digital marketers that direct mail has a very important spot at the marketing table. So many had left postcards, flyers, letters, and catalogs in the past, labeling them dinosaurs. Now that the dust has settled from the digital marketing revolution, those same people who were so quick to move forward are now looking back to direct mail.

Why? Aside from the proven fact that direct mail has a lower cost per lead than any other type of marketing, here are 4 other reasons to add direct mail to your digital marketing strategy.

Young Adults Love Physical Mail

After spending all day on a laptop, the last thing millennials want is to wade through a pile of marketing emails. They do, however, get excited to see mail in their mailbox…their postal mailbox, that is. Whether they’re hoping to receive a letter from a friend or a package full of products they ordered, these young adults will check the mail every day and leaf through everything they find.

All Eyes on the Postcard

When you send a marketing email, the only chance you get to catch your buyers’ eyes is the subject line. Most won’t even look at that before performing a mass delete of the letters in their inbox. With direct mail, however, recipients won’t be able to avoid seeing the message, even if only for a moment. That kind of visibility makes your direct mail much more powerful.

Perfect for Local Business

When mixed with a solid digital marketing campaign, direct mail can really boost local business. Your mail pieces can grab the attention of customers in your neighborhood and direct them to social media accounts and your brand website. Without the initial touch from you in their mailbox, they might never find you.

Tracking the Buying Cycle

With digital tools incorporated into a direct mail campaign, you can track your buyers’ movements as they make their decisions. For instance, a QR code that leads to your app, a personalized URL that leads to a landing page, or social media account information all help you track where your customers come from, how interested they are in your products, and what information they might need to complete a purchase.

Blending your direct mail and digital marketing strategies isn’t hard, either. You can do as much or as little as you’re comfortable with, and then simply grow your efforts over time. If you’ve never attempted to use both at the same time, our ebook, The Art of Integrating Direct Mail and Digital Marketing for Bigger Business, may help get you started. Just click below to start the download process. And, as always, if you have questions about your direct mail marketing, you can give us a call. We’re always here to help.