boost direct mail response rates

Direct mail marketing involves so much more than a quick postcard design and a stamp. As a marketing or sales professional, you have to make a true connection with the prospect, which isn’t always easy through postal mail. This involves psychology from beginning to end—an understanding of what makes your target audience tick. Practice certainly gives you this insight, but these quick tips can also help.

Pluck at the Heartstrings

Buyers make purchases because they have a need, but sometimes it’s up to you to create that need. Appealing to a buyer’s emotions can open the wallet faster than you might think. The emotions you can target include happiness, fear, relief, concern, and even nostalgia.

Emotions don’t govern everything. Be prepared with logic so you can convince them to complete the purchase after you hook them through emotion. Without a logical reason, they’ll either forego the purchase or regret it later.

Make It Urgent

A deadline is the easiest way to light a fire under your customers. You can either set a hard deadline for a special offer or let them know that supplies are limited. Use phrases like “during the next 24 hours” or “sale ends May 1st.” Be sure to give them enough time to decide so they’re not receiving the sale information the day of the deal.

Give It Away

We don’t mean you need to give away your biggest products in order to prompt a response from your buyers. However, you can consider sending out samples of your best selling products. By giving buyers a chance to take things for a quick test drive, you give them just enough time to realize they can’t live without whatever you’re selling.

You can also let them know they get a free gift with a purchase for a limited time. This neatly ties this tip and the previous one together.

Point Out the Benefits

There are a lot of cool things out there that consumers could buy instead of your product. All of those cool things have cool features, and that means yours could get lost in the crowd. Instead of pointing out how fast something is, emphasize the time saved. Instead of crowing about the vitamins or nutrients in your face cream, show the results of use.

No one buys a dress because the dress is pretty. They buy the dress because it makes the wearer feel pretty. How can you translate this for your own products and services?

Have you put these tips into practice with your direct mail campaign? If you need more help, we’re always here. With information on the most powerful words you can use to how to track your responses, AMi gets you results. When you’re ready to grow your business, give us a call.