christmas direct mail marketing

If you think all the stockings are already hung and Christmas is all but over, then you might just miss out on some last-minute direct mail pieces that could boost your revenue this holiday season. Until Christmas Eve, you still have time to reach consumers to let them know about your hottest holiday deals. Here are some quick and easy direct mail pieces you can put together in time to reach those last-minute shoppers.

Catalog Booklets

Now that you’re aware of how powerful catalog marketing can be, maybe you’re ready to design one for your company. Assembling a full catalog of your products might be out of the question this close to Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon the idea until next year.

Instead, put together a booklet of your top items and get those into buyers’ hands. The smaller catalog will have the same effect as a full-sized book but doesn’t take as long to pull together. You still have some time to make sure your target audience lays eyes on your holiday specials.

Promotional Postcards

Holiday sales are a dime a dozen, which means standing out from the crowd isn’t easy. There is no better way to alert your buyers of your biggest Christmas deals than to send out postcards. The mail in their box may be the last little push they need to visit or order from your online store.

Because many do prefer to shop online these days, be sure to include the address to your website. You don’t want to let an opportunity slip through your fingers by adding one more step to the buying process.

Coupon Flyers

Offering discounts on specific items is a great way to clear out some inventory to make way for the new. Flyers with coupons for those items could spark last-minute purchases from your store. If you’re planning not to stock those items in the future, drastic price cuts could really draw some attention.

Adding a unique code to each coupon can also help you track how many are used, whether they’re redeemed in-store or online. This will help you make decisions regarding coupon use, design, and mailing times for the future.

Open House Invitations

What better way to get people in the holiday spirit than to host an open house? Everyone loves a holiday party, especially if they think they might get some free food or drink. By inviting the general public into your place of business, you can introduce yourself and your products or services to potential customers in a relaxed and happy environment.

You can gain a lot of traction through these last-minute direct mail marketing ideas. If you’d like to make one last touch before Christmas arrives, give us a call. We can help you create a mail campaign that will bring you more business.