4 Direct marketing Trends to connect your clients

Direct marketing is transforming itself.

As a result, your company needs to align itself with the latest trends and changes. When you do, your mailers have appeal, elicit a response and generate revenue for your brand.

It’s not as simple as mass-mailing a ton of flat envelopes or postcards, however.

The digital age has changed the way consumers expect, and receive, communication from companies.

Check out these three direct marketing trends that you should consider adopting now.

Personalize Things

Consumers in the digital age are looking for more than a great pitch and a good deal.

Competition for their attention is higher than it’s ever been.

You have to do something more than offer a discount.

Personalization is gaining huge momentum, with both digital marketing and direct marketing efforts reflecting the change.

For direct marketers, sending out mailers that aren’t segmented or personalized can make it difficult to get a response or stand out among your competitors.

With new technologies and list acquisition services, you can segment your mailers by more than just geographic area.

You can segment by demographic particulars and include even more unique information than ever before.

Using personalized URLs, placing the recipient’s name in the address block and the content, and specifying the recipient by gender are just a few easy ways to personalize your direct mailers.

Mix Up Your Format

There’s more than one format for your direct mailers.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t take advantage of the improvements to the medium that have developed over the years.

The most popular direct mail formats last year were oversized envelopes, postcards, catalogs and dimensional mail.

Each of these formats offer unique opportunities to frame, present and distribute your message.

They each offer unique opportunities to present your products and impress your audience.

Don’t stick to the same postcards or oversized envelopes. Try something new, and get creative with your message.

Product samples, inventive dimensional mail and breathtaking design on your postcard offers can help appeal to your audience and get a response.

Provide Multiple Avenues of Response

Most consumers are highly-connected.

They have social media accounts, they research companies online, and they make purchases through stores’ eCommerce platforms.

Your average customer requires more avenues of response than a brick-and-mortar address and a phone number.

Include your social media handles, QR codes, URLs to unique landing pages, and hashtags to encourage online interaction and response.

By giving your audience multiple avenues of response, you further personalize your mailers and encourage engagement with your brand, whatever their preferred method may be.

Integrate Your Channels

Some consumers don’t use the internet. Others don’t care for visiting brick-and-mortar stores.

Integrating your channels can help a wide variety of potential customers find your products and specials.

Promote your direct mail offerings on your social channels, and vice versa. Give your social audience the chance to sign up for your direct mailers, and pull them in with exclusive offers.

Encourage your audience to follow you on social and visit your website.

Integrating your channels is necessary because your audience is in multiple places. If you want to build your audience, you have to find them where they are.  

Some trends are worth trying. And if you want your direct mail marketing to flourish in the digital age, you have to follow a few of them.

If you’re ready to explore technology, data examination and new formats for your direct mailers, contact AMi, Inc.

We can help you find the easiest, most cost-efficient ways to reach your audience, wherever they are.