direct mail for 2015


As time keeps marching on, you may be tempted to leave behind some of the marketing tactics that still work in the name of progress.

Many have budgeted less for direct mail marketing since the explosion of digital marketing, in spite of the proof that direct mail not only still works, it’s still the most powerful of all marketing tactics.

With this in mind, you should definitely keep direct mail around in 2015. Now, what can you do better to make sure your investment in direct mail marketing pays off? Here are some goals you can aim for in the coming year.

Targeted Content

In some cases, the same piece of mail can appeal to everyone who receives it. More often, however, you’ll need to create specific pieces for various buyer personas. Moreover, you’ll need to send direct mail that reaches consumers wherever they are in the buyers’ journey.

The important thing is to get the right information in front of the right buyers at the right moment. You may need to invest more in variable data printing to make this happen, but the return on that investment will more than justify your cost.

Personalized Content

In addition to targeting the content to specific buyers, you should also personalize the mail pieces. People simply react better to a letter addressed to them than they do to one addressed to “Current Resident.” The same is true for the content of the mail. Catalogs, letters, post cards, and flyers with the buyer name included have a 6.5% response rate. This is more than three times the usual response rate.

Buyer Segmentation

Targeted, personalized content is what really reaches buyers right now, but you can’t provide either of these things without first segmenting your buyers. The possibilities really are endless, which is why you should spend some time with your contact list in 2015. Have you been segmenting according to gender and age and stopping there?

Studies show consumers with higher educations levels want to see text with their direct mail, while those buyers with fewer degrees react to graphic design. Location can also tell you a lot about your buyers. Those in less affluent neighborhoods may want to see the inexpensive products and services you offer. You can also split your lists according to previous purchases, how often someone makes a purchase, their previous satisfaction with your products or services, and even buyers who have referred other buyers to your company.

How personal and targeted can you get if you segment your lists in these ways? Will you consider making a bigger effort to personalize and customize your direct mail marketing in the coming year? We’re here to help you grow your business, so just give us a call when you’re ready.