direct mail and digital marketing

We’re the first to say that nothing works as well as direct mail when you’re trying to reach potential students. In fact, we wrote a whole article about why young adults just seem to prefer holding a letter in their hands to reading an email or tweet. Still, it’s hard to deny that digital marketing has its place, especially when dealing with young adults.

Why couldn’t you combine the two? There’s no reason you can’t introduce a little bit of digital marketing with your direct mail campaigns. In fact, a recent study found that digital marketers who added direct mail to the mix saw a 62% increase in ROI. That’s probably true the other way, too. How can you combine the power of direct mail with the convenience of digital marketing? Here are a few ideas for your college or university admissions department.

Point to a landing page

With your marketing materials in print form, you may want some way to track who’s reading. With a website address that leads to a specialized landing page for each individual mailing, you can keep an eye on how many people visit. That will give you an idea of your reach and effect. With personalized URLs, you can even track which specific students logged in and greet them by name when they visit.

Provide social media information

While young adults may prefer that you don’t reach out through social media, they do like the chance to follow your school to see what you’re doing. With your social media accounts included on any mailing you send out, you give those potential students a window into your school’s culture and activities. Maybe they’ll take the opportunity to communicate through these channels, or may they’ll just sit back and watch. They can’t do either if you don’t reach out with the information to begin with.

Introduce gamification for instant rapport

If you really want students to read the mail you send, consider starting a competition between all prospects. Gamification gets people involved quickly, even through direct mail. Invite these prospective students to participate by setting up an account through your website. As each piece of direct mail arrives, students can stop in and provide proof they read. Badges, levels, and other rewards for participation will keep those students coming back for more.

In all endeavors, the direct mail part of these campaigns is key. If you’re not reaching your target audience, they’ll never take the next steps toward engagement. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how direct mail can be the ultimate tool for attracting and engaging potential students. We’re ready to help.