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For many businesses, the local market is where they attract and receive the majority of their customers.

People who are within close range of your store or retail outlet can visit you more regularly, take advantage of offers more quickly, and become more familiar with your brand and team.

Targeting local audiences with a titillating offer, however, can be more of a challenge.

You want to retain the personalized touch that modern consumers crave—but you also need to make sure that your costs are sustainable and your ROI is sufficient.

If you’re trying to target locals with a great offer, consider these tips for improving your success rates.

Use Drive-Time Technology to Improve Your Mailing List

Targeting your list by geographic area is one of the oldest and most valuable tools in your direct marketing arsenal.

But these days, taking it a step further is often necessary, if you want to target the recipients who are most willing and able to visit your store.

AMi, Inc. offers specialized technology known as Drive Time Radius that will help you target only those customers who are within a particular driving distance of your store.

Say you want to target potential customers who are within an actual 10-minute drive time from your store.  

Drive Time technology makes it possible.

Our technology can calculate actual drive times from locations near your business, and deliver addresses that fit within that range.

This helps you target the customers who are most likely to make the trip to your store to take advantage of your direct mail offers.

This option is far superior than a simple circular mileage radius indicator—because it provides actual drive times.

Use Facebook Targeting to Promote Your Deal

We’ve talked before about how important it is to integrate your direct and digital marketing efforts.

If you want to target locals for an offer, Facebook local awareness campaigns are exactly what you need.

Local Awareness campaigns are different from boosted posts in that they allow you to target people within a certain distance from your business’s address.

You can target this audience to join your exclusive mailing list or promote a recent sale or offer.

For optimal integration between your digital audience and your direct mail audience, streamline your designs.

Make your Facebook Local Awareness campaign reflect the design of your direct mailers.

This will help to establish branding and familiarity in two different verticals.

Push an In-Store Only Deal

With direct mail services at your fingertips, you can create a titillating offer that will drive locals to your store.

Once you’ve targeted the right area with Drive Time Technology, concoct an offer that will be irresistible to local shoppers.

  • A huge first-time customer discount (50% off or more) that is only redeemable in-store
  • A mystery coupon that can only be revealed in-store
  • Coupons for door prizes and contests that can only be collected in-store

These are just a few of the local-centric offers you can generate and promote with amazing direct mailers.

Depending on you industry and your goals, your deals may changes drastically.

As long as you have a direct mail partner to help your dreams become reality, the sky is the limit.

Choose a Direct Mail Partner You Can Trust

Local shoppers are repeat shoppers. If you impress them with your customer service, store atmosphere, product selection and great offers, they can become regular, even life-long customers.

Capitalize on the convenience of your location by attracting the audience that is most likely to come back again and again.

With help from AMi, Inc., you can build a highly-targeted mailing list and gorgeous direct mailers that will get your message out.

Contact us today to learn more about our mailing list services and direct mail expertise.