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As we look toward the New Year, many of us have questions about where our fresh marketing budget should go.

Is it time to invest in professional mailing list services or technologies that can help improve the efficacy of your lists?

As 2016 comes to a close, it’s time to review your marketing efforts over the past year and revise your marketing strategy to drive higher rates of response.

We’ve compiled some tips to help you make informed decisions.

Evaluate Your 2016 Successes (and Failures)

Before you begin making any marketing decisions for 2017, you have to figure out what worked in 2016.

There are a few crucial questions to ask and things to consider:

  • How did your target audience change in 2016? Is your branding still relevant and appealing to them?

  • What was your marketing position in 2016? Did your unique value proposition attract new customers and distance you from your competitors? Did you grow exponentially and break new ground?

  • Evaluate your customers’ unique demographics. You need to determine if your mailing list contains customers who have reached the end of the lifetime cycle for your product. If so, you might need to replace those names with customers who are still in the midst of their journey with your product or service. Evaluate the important data. Did you notice any demographic trends that should command your attention in 2017?

  • Most importantly, look at your overall budget. Consider the changes in postage costs in 2017, and how those changes will affect the ways you spend your money. Just because postage is more expensive doesn’t mean you can’t send successful, response-driving mailers. You just need to reallocate your funds towards more highly-targeted recipients, using more advanced technology.  

Before you can prepare your direct marketing plan, you have to know what worked and didn’t work throughout the past year.

You also need to know where direct marketing trends are headed in the new year.

There are a few important trends to consider:

  • Direct and Digital Integration-social media promotion of direct mail offers, pURLs, online promotion in direct mailers

  • More Targeting, Less Mass Mailing

  • More Testing-It’s important to collect data on the success of your direct mailers by trying different things. Testing different versions of your offer can help you better understand what your most qualified prospects want.

Invest in Dynamic Content Printing

If you’re still relying on simple variable data printing or mass mailing techniques in your direct mailers, 2017 is the time to upgrade.

Dynamic Content Printing is the way of the future.

It will help you build more highly-targeted mailers that get a bigger response from your recipients.

Consumers expect more personalization and individual attention than ever before. Sending out mass-mailers that aren’t targeted or personalized is a waste of your marketing budget and is alienating to your customers—especially those repeat customers who are highly familiar with your brand.

Instead of just replacing the address and name on your mailers, dynamic content printing allows you to manipulate your data so that different mailers have different text, images and offers.

AMi, Inc. offers dynamic content printing to help you diversify your mailers according to the specifics of your mailing list.

Don’t have a great mailing list?

Don’t worry!

AMi, Inc. also offers mailing list services to help you build the cleanest, most relevant list possible and find the prospects with the highest propensity to buy your product or invest in your service.

Address Your Multi-Media Needs

According to recent data, 68% of Americans owned a smartphone in 2015.

45% of Americans owned tablet computers.

73% of Americans owned laptop computers.

And these numbers are only going to grow.

We are a highly-connected society with multiple options for researching, engaging with and buying from brands.

If you aren’t targeting multiple channels with your marketing materials, you’re missing out on a huge swath of potential customers.

In 2017, you have to address the multi-media aspects of marketing.

This means targeting your audience through various channels, including direct marketing, social media, mobile devices, and wearable devices. Your audience is more on-the-go and better-connected than ever before.

If you aren’t meeting them where they are, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to show them what your brand can do for them.

In 2017, your direct marketing practices need to evolve.

As you’re planning your marketing strategy for the 2017, consider investing in more advanced direct mail techniques.

AMi, Inc. is a direct marketing partner you can count on. We will implement your strategy across all channels, to keep your message consistent.

We offer dynamic content printing, cutting-edge design, and postal expertise. We can help you with social media marketing, mobile device marketing and wearable device marketing, too.  

If you need marketing help in 2017, we’re here for you.

Contact us today to learn more about our services.