nonprofit direct mail

When you start a new fundraising campaign for your non-profit organization, you probably cross your fingers that your direct mail will bring in bigger and better results than ever. Unfortunately, reaching potential donors takes a lot more than a good luck charm. That’s okay. We have a few tips that will help you get your desired results. You just have to uncross those fingers to get it all done.

Provide Donation Suggestions

As with selling products and services, requesting gifts and donations requires a little psychology. Sometimes just providing a simple directive is all you need. Something as simple as “Donate now to change the world for one lucky child,” followed by amount suggestions will receive a better response than beating around the bush.

You can start with $25 and then increase the suggestions by $25. You may be surprised how many people give the top amount suggested. Without the urging from you and a suggestion for a gift amount, the donor may have contemplated much lower amounts.

Tell a Story

The more personal a donation request is, the more likely potential donors will acquiesce. Everyone needs a connection, to feel as though his or her gifts will make a difference. You can take the opportunity to share success stories within your request letters and accomplish two things at once. First, you’ll show donors how their money helps. Second, you’ll create an unbreakable connection between the donor and the people they help.

That connection is your biggest ally. Rather than giving out of a sense of obligation, they’ll give with a sincere desire to help. Update those donors as the story progresses or provide them with new beneficiaries to get behind. The more they know their gifts are helping, the more they’ll give in the future.

Involve the Donors

You can allow donors to tell their stories, too. Either invite those who have given before to share their reasons for getting involved with your organization, or just ask them for a few anonymous answers to a short survey.

Believe it or not, some donors will really want to tell their story. Their reasons for giving may become your most compelling fundraising tool yet. Would potential donors not identify more with those who already give than with the person asking for money?

If your donors prefer to remain anonymous, you can still keep them involved by mailing regular surveys. Ask them what they’d like to receive in return for their support. Give them a chance to share their concerns with the direction of your non-profit’s attentions. They’ll be candid with the cloak of anonymity. You can use their answers to provide experiences they can believe in. And when they believe in your endeavors, they’ll be more likely to dig deeper during your next campaign.

If you’re working to grow your non-profit, we can help. Just reach out at any time, and we can discuss the many ways direct mail can benefit your organization. We look forward to hearing from you.