real estate direct mail

Did you know the combined value of all housing units in the United States is $25.7 trillion? In 2013, 5.09 million of those homes were sold. That’s a lot of money changing hands, both for home sellers and real estate agents. To get hands on a piece of that pie, real estate agents have to really hustle. Online marketing has made marketing easier for Realtors, but is that marketing always effective?

More than 430,000 agents and brokers are active in the United States right now. That’s 1.4% of the working population! To stand out from the huge crowd, real estate agents really have to make an impression. Before investing your entire advertising budget into digital marketing, consider a few astounding statistics regarding direct mail marketing.

Higher Return on Investment

Yes, direct mail marketing is a more expensive format than email or even pay-per-click advertising. However, the results are worth the cost. Did you know direct mail averages a 1300% return? No other type of marketing can claim this except for telemarketing. Also, 37% of companies say that direct mail is the best way to retain customers, too. Instead of sending an email, a letter seems to be the best option.

Buyers and Sellers Prefer Direct Mail

Believe it or not, 92% of buyers under age 24 prefer to receive mail rather than emails. Statistics show that 53% of Baby Boomers—consumers aged 50-68—are more likely to notice advertising in direct mail, a higher percentage than email, Facebook, billboards, and magazines.

Greater Satisfaction in Local Markets

To really understand the draw of direct mail marketing for real estate agents, you have to consider the local market. After all, agents almost always work in one general area. A recent survey showed 81% of businesses with local-only focus use direct mail to reach new customers. Of those businesses, 75% are satisfied with their results. That’s a lot of satisfaction.

And that’s because direct mail marketing for real estate agents really does work. If you’re ready to expand your business, give us a call. Let us show you how AMi gets results.