real estate direct mail

Did you know direct mail marketing actually has the lowest cost per lead of any marketing technique?  With a new year beginning, many are examining marketing budgets and resolving to make a bigger impact with less money. Direct mail marketing often gets relegated, but this is because marketers don’t consider the cost per lead when budgeting.

To make the most of your marketing budget, you have to make an impression immediately. If you think this means a bright, splashy brochure, you may be on the wrong track. Real estate is a huge investment, so you want to make sure you’re sending the right content to the right prospects. You have to know their ages, income ranges, preferences, and even familial status. Without this information, you have no way to really reach people.

So, what real estate direct mail can you send to reach each of these potential clients? Let’s take a look.

Neighborhood Information

Whether a resident has been a part of the neighborhood since it began or just moved in last year, information about the community is always valuable. Let people in the area know how values have gone up, how parks in the area have increased desirability, and how schools have become more sought after.

When the recipients see this information, they may decide to take a chance on the potential profit from selling their home. If they’re not ready yet, they’ll remember you and your helpful information when the time does come.

Rent vs. Buy Calculations

People want to know how they can save money. If you give them that information, they won’t be annoyed; they’ll be grateful. With rent vs. buy information, you show these prospects that you’re not just in it to make money. You really want to help them achieve a more stable financial situation at the same time.

By laying out how much house they could afford for what they’re paying in rent, you’ll plant a seed. When they’re ready to make the move, you’ll be the first real estate agent they call.

Real-Time Real Estate Market Information

If you’re ready for the hard sell, then you should consider sending out real-time information regarding the values of recipients’ homes. This is especially effective in neighborhoods that have seen a huge upswing in price. Gentrified neighborhoods, homes near brand new attractions, and communities that have recently acquired the title of “hot” all fit the bill.

Show homeowners just how much they could sell their home for according to the current market value. If you can show them the difference in purchase price and potential sales price, they’ll likely make a move. If you have knowledge of new attractions, shopping, or other inviting things moving into the area, you can also give a heads up to homeowners. This gives them time to prepare for the possibility of house values going up, so when the market is really hot, they’ll already be prepared to sell.

Now that you see the true benefit of these direct mail marketing pieces, you can understand why the results are worth the cost. Your response rate will ensure your cost per lead is much lower than any other marketing type. Are you ready to expand your real estate business? We’re here to help.