personalized client gifts


Unless your company is the only vendor for your client, you can count on competing for attention.

This is especially true during the holidays when vendors pull out all the stops to impress clients and keep them coming back for more. There are only so many ways that you can stand out from the crowd of gift-givers this season, though. Perhaps the easiest and most memorable way is a personalized gift or card. Here are some ideas that will keep you top of mind throughout the year.

Personalized Cards

When every other vendor out there is handing out generic cards with classic holiday scenes, you have a chance to stand out. Consider featuring your clients on your cards for that extra personalization that gets you noticed. Are there some beautiful photos of the company headquarters that you might place on the front? If your client has a great sense of humor, find a photo of the two of you at a dinner meeting and Photoshop some Santa hats or Rudolf antlers on. Sure, you’ll need to create a unique card for each of your clients, but with digital printing, that’s easier than ever.

You’ll finish off the card with your company information, of course, but the real kicker is the signature. Just sign one, and we’ll duplicate it for all the rest. A card that features the client and an actual signature? That will definitely stand out among the standard holiday scenes and business card inserts.

Year-Round Usage

When planning your gifts to clients, you have to be honest with yourself. How many of the gifts sent will find their way to the trash within moments after opening? If you want the truth, anything that can’t be used will be discarded or handed off to an employee. That’s why it’s important to consider gifts that have a real use, such as branded notepads or calendars.

Throughout the year, when your client has to grab a piece of paper or check the date, your company name will be right there. That’s how to stay top of mind throughout the year.

Label Something Useful

Perhaps the best gift of all is one that will be used right away and remembered for years. Wouldn’t everyone love to receive a bottle of wine for the holidays? Even if they don’t drink the bottle themselves, they’ll make sure it’s enjoyed. Build upon that idea by creating personalized wine bottle labels. You can choose the wine and then visit us to create a label that no one can ignore.

Whether you feature your company or that of your client’s, the final result is a gift that all recipients will love. We can help you make that happen. Whatever your giving plans may be this seasons, we’re here to provide the design and printing you need. We can even help you organize and mail your holiday cards. Just be sure to come see us soon, because the holidays are coming quickly.