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Your old customers are one of the most important demographics to target when rolling out your direct marketing mailers.


Because they’re already familiar with your brand, your products, your services and your performance.

If they’ve bought from you before, they’ve already cleared a number of the hurdles that stand between you and making a sale.

Unfortunately, the majority of businesses invest their marketing budgets into landing new customers, even though it’s 7X more expensive to acquire a customer than to maintain an old one.

If you’re tired of sinking your marketing budget into customer acquisition, it might be time to consider campaigns that bring old customers back.

Direct mail is a great medium for doing this.

Check out these tips for creating direct mailers that spark interest in people who have bought from you in the past.

Create an Exclusive, Time-Sensitive Offer

Urgency drives people to action.  

And for customers who are already familiar with your company, an exclusive offer can be just the bump they need to come back and make another purchase.

When you create your direct mailers, use language that conveys the limited quantities or opportunity related to your offer.

Make your offer’s deadline the easiest thing to see on your postcard or letter mailer.

“While Supplies Last” and “Limited-Time Only” are also strong indicators of urgency.

Include Customer Testimonials

If you’ve been collecting tons of sterling reviews on social media platforms or your website, your direct mailers are the perfect place to showcase them.

And they work as great inspiration for bringing old customers back.

Showing an old customer how highly your company is regarded by current customers can pique their curiosity.

Make sure you include a convenient URL to your company’s eCommerce site or a redeemable coupon to capitalize on this piqued interest.

Don’t Forget Current Customers

Old customers aren’t your only prime target for getting repeat purchases and engagement.

Customers who have made a purchase from you in the past 3 months are perhaps even better options for direct mail.

Because they’ve purchased from you so recently, they have fresh information on your brand and how your products work. They won’t need to be re-convinced of a product’s quality--they bought it recently, and are probably still using it.

They also won’t need to be reintroduced to your brand--which will save you a ton of time in initial marketing.

So how do you appeal to someone who has purchased from you recently and is firmly in your brand’s circle?

  • A personalized “thank you” postcard with a special discount is a great way to express your appreciation, ingratiate yourself to customers and encourage them to make a fresh purchase.

  • Attach a “timer” to certain purchases and offer titillating re-purchase direct mailers when the timer runs out. For example, suppose one of your customers bought a product that typically runs out after 6 months of use. You can track that customer through the life-cycle of your product and time a great “re-purchase now” direct mailer to the end of that life cycle. It’s a highly personalized and targeted offer, and sending at the right time will increase your chance of winning another sale from a current customer.

  • A great loyalty program is vital for any brand that wants to maintain current customers and convince one-time shoppers to come back in the future. Loyalty programs offer gratifying incentives for continued business with your company. Determine the shape you want your loyalty program to take--discounts, cash back, free products or exclusive access to deals--and create direct mailers that promote its value for your customers.

Choose a Direct Mail Partner That Makes Things Easy

When you’re launching a marketing campaign to win old customers back (or keep current ones engaged), you need a direct mail partner that can do it all.

AMi, Inc. has the expertise, the tools and the services to take you from conception to mailing list creation to getting your mailers en route to their recipients.

Check out our services, and give us a call today.